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DREAMcast Episode 27 – Anime & School Life OBSESSION



We change things up a little bit on this episode and steer off the usual review / single title analysis path and focus more on an open discussion episode instead.

The topic you ask………did you miss the headline above? jeez it’s….Anime & School life obsession……to be exact…what is it with anime and the school settings. Whether it’s used as a premise, a excuse, or just an idea…why is it so many anime / manga titles take place in schools.

Is it the about appealing to the masses…is it about the perfect place for unlimited fanservice hijinks, is it about setting easy story boundaries viewers can automatically understand or is it just the perfect theme that fans will never ever get tired of no matter how many times it is used

Well, to discuss the possibilities in greater detail I have kindly requested the help of two fellow Animephiles, Starting with a returning guest……the lovely Angel Otaku! & Sotyfan16

VIEW FULL ARTICLE - http://bit.ly/S43DxG
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