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Killing the Kill

Where do I begin? Well, if you like Kill la Kill then you'll definitely like this, I hope. Before you watch it, please be aware this is a random action AMV and it may cause disorientation to the eyes or pump your testosterone to critical...


5 Bands Required for your Jrockery Degree

NOTE: First post. Good day fellow readers. Here, I would like to give more exposure to this community when it comes to Japanese music outside of anime. This will focus on quality Jrock bands I recommend and songs for beginners. LUNA SEA ...


About Flame-Xone of us since 1:19 AM on 03.30.2010

Sup guys, Flamer here. Let's see... where to begin. I'm an avid anime fan for more than 15 years. While I don't remember the first anime title I've seen, the genre I was exposed to was mecha. I've seen all of Gundam and Macross as well as many others.

You can follow me here. It has all my other links.

As for the blogs I'll post, they'll mostly be Japanese music related.