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Anime Expo 2016 is full of guests you should see

Largest industry showing yet

This weekend starts Anime Expo 2016 out in Los Angeles. It's nuts.  A good anime convention not only provides a healthy crowd turnout and lots of things for the attendees to do, but also a wide variety of guests and events. Anime ...


Review: The [email protected] Cindrella Girls Season 1

And it didn't even cover half the idols

What happens when you take one of the longest running media-mixed franchise about idols and give it new life? What happens when you take a mobile game money mill and try to develop its CCG-style characters? What is an idol? These are t...


Lantis Fest Vegas: Interview with Choucho

Delicious grapes and Hyouka

Japanator got to ask Choucho a few questions over email! The self-starting anisong artist is now attached to a bunch of great shows and her melodic tones make them all the more memorable, like Girls und Panzer and Gargantia on the Verd...


Come to my AX Panel! [Shameless Pimping]

Actually it is not my panel, but I will be helping out my buddies on Sunday night for their Japanese Figures and Collecting panel. The panel is schedule on Sunday night at 8pm (that's July 3rd), right when the masquerade starts, at LACC 515...


Anime Versus Manga, Fight?

I was talking to a friend about Mushishi, the watercolor-y, supernatural series about a wandering miracle maker/old-school medicine man. I presume you know how awesome this series is, or simply what it is about.The thought struck me--while ...


Saimoe Final Push - Tsundere Triple Crown

Today is the last day of Saimoe 2009. It's the finals, the last round.The showdown between Taiga Aisaka of Toradora and Yui Hirasawa of (not P-Model) K-ON is, at a glance, just another day on the luls-filled BBS of 2ch. But what is interest...


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