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About JinKobayashiHearMeone of us since 3:43 PM on 10.06.2015

I am known as Mo. I started a mission that began with a Youtube channel called “Jin Kobayashi Please Hear Me” and have been working very hard to get the attention of the mangaka Jin Kobayashi, the creator of the phenomenal manga and anime series School Rumble. The ultimate goal I want to reach is not just for myself but also for countless other School Rumble fans , … a proper ending for the series (either in manga form or anime, or both) with closure. I do not understand or speak Japanese, so this mission has not been an easy task trying to reach out to a man who is rumored to only speak and understand the Japanese language. Basically I am making detailed Youtube videos hoping that either Kobayashi Jin will see them and reply, or someone that knows him will see the videos and bring his attention to them and then he would reach out to speak with me. This is the motto of the mission : “Justice for Harima, closure for the fans, may the hero get his girl, may his spring finally come.”