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What does health care reform mean for anime?

Last night, the United States House of Representatives passed a historic health care reform bill which will undoubtedly change the lives of every American. But what does this bill mean for the otaku community and the future of anime? Abs...


Bakacast is now on iTunes!

Earth is not ready for this podcast... but if you think you can handle it, subscribe by clicking on the link below. You can also listen to the Bakacast promo here. Spread the word!Many thanks to Dustin for hassling with all that RSS and XML...


I am also avoiding real work

So, I decided to try my hand at this 'art' stuff, and... well, I'll just let you see for yourself. Those of you with weak constitutions may want to avert your eyes.Right, you can stop screaming in horror now. Anyway, this is supposed to be ...


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