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2010: The Year in Film

Now, I know the Jtor community is well-versed in all media formats and doesn't watch anime alone, so I can only assume that it's shameless self-promotion time. Post your own lists here if you wish. Discussion = encouraged.


The only Durarara!! AMV you will ever need

Well, it's finally done. I've been attempting to put out a full Durarara!! AMV for quite some time now. I was working on two concepts side-by-side: a Shizuo/Izaya video, and a video that compiled the first 12 episodes showcasing most of the...


Arakwa Under the Bridge (8-bit)

There is no doubt in my mind that this would be an amazing game, covering a wide assortment of genres.1) Weird dating-sim type thing with Nino. This could also involve fishing.2) Planting/garden care with P-Ko.3) Musical Battles with Star.4...


Ride a giant wang at a Penis Matsuri

Pierce the heavens with your...While scanning the archives of one of my recently discovered Japablogs, Through Eyes From Afar, I came (pun not intended) across this particularly, um, arousing(?) entry about a "phallic centered festival cele...


Durarara!! continues to perform

This show is beginning to surpass the likes of Baccano!--and not just because it has an extra exclamation point. These far-out characters, who seemed so distant from each other at the show's outset, are slowly coming together in an amalgama...


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