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I am choosing to believe Umaru randomly decided to make this reference and no one can stop me.


I swear it looks like the Red one just wants to jump out and kill whoever is looking at the picture.


Hi everybody! I posted a blog about Symphogear today, but for some reason it decided to go up on the day I started it, rather than today. URL is here: http://www.japanator.com/blogs/OverlordZetta/symphogear-we-need-to-talk-34502.phtml


Next year's Super Sentai robot has been leaked! And it... is a Minecraft robot:


Why is Tsuburaya so much cooler than Toei? Coming soon to Crunchyroll, now (ep1 only) on YouTube: Ultraman Nexus!


I think some of you will be able to really appreciate this one.


It's such a weird feeling realizing some of your favorite seiyuu haven't worked much in years and all the currently popular ones are around half their age now.


Y'know, for all the (if you ask me undeserved) flak Go-Busters gets, the action and general use of the mecha really doesn't get the recognition it deserves.


Wow. The ToQGer and Kyoryuger movie was... surprisingly solid. I wasn't expecting much after Go-Busters and Kyoryuger's (the first one of these I'd seen), but this was actually really decent. A damn fine farewell to Kyoryuger too.


If you told me a year ago I'd someday see a Kamen Rider use the power of Thomas Edison to defeat a monster using the power of Nikola Tesla, I'd've told you to lay off the crushed light bulbs, yet here we are.


Drive may be over, but it looks like Miku's still raring to go! Haven't seen the last one yet but I miss it already. :'(


Have you heard? Acclaimed visual novel MuvLuv is having a Kickstarter to be localized, and it's already been fully funded in just a few hours! If you're interested, there are stretch goals for more games and even Vita ports down the road!


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