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Superhero Time Sundays: Crisis Averted

This time I decided to knock away my pride and watch the SD sub of Gokaiger so that this coverage won't be late. That, or this is a message from the Crimson Blade who has come from the future to make sure this segment makes it on time. ...


Superhero Time Sundays: Engine Power Go

Today is time to ram up those engines. Only with true speed and power that we will get through this week's segment. When Nazca invaded last week. Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger episode 35 More familiar faces return this week, along with ...


Kamen Rider Fourze First Impression

When Fourze was first announced, many were very skeptical about jumping into the series. Most were probably turned off by the strange design of the new rider, and others probably did not like the idea of it taking place in high school. ...


Kamen Rider OOO Final Impression

There was a good reason why those bug eyed bikers were not allowed in Sunday's segment. OOO has come to an end, and it deserves the proper method to see it off. Will OOO be remembered among the other Kamen Rider series, or will it end u...


Superhero Time Sundays: Pirates only

Oh wait, what about Kamen Rider OOO? Due to the bond that this one shared with this series, a final impression will come its way during this week. For the moment, expect to only hear from the lively band of swashbucklers in this segment...


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Sal backed Kick Heart, Masaaki Yuasa's wrestling anime, on Kickstarter.

Sal hangs outs in the Sanctuary Crew Discord room, which Seizui, the creator of Reize and Star Chaser Story, moderates.