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An Open Letter to the Staff of Yotsuba! From My Mother

My mothers attempts to thwart my passion for manga and anime have always failed, and recently I tried to turn the tables by showing her Yotsuba, and I ended up with some valuable research, I learned that apparently someone could hate Yotsuba, so much in fact she wrote this letter for Azuma Kiyohiko, I posted it on here instead, god knows why she'd write an English letter to a Japanese man (shhh)

Dear Mr Kiyohiko,

How dare you use such positive imagery to tell the tale of a child clearly in need of help. The fact that you have the nerve to write a tale of an orphan, who is then taken, and then ABUSED by her would-be father, and then taken advantage of by her peers, is appalling. Not only this, but somehow you've suckered my son into reading your drivel, when he could be reading quality American literature, like this month's James Patterson novel, or even next month's James Patterson novel, how dare you. Luckily for the future children of the world, I managed to get through your "artwork" all the way, and have several reasons why your works should be banned from bookstores forever, and soon you'll end up like Catcher in the Rye, which is appropriate because both written works cover a sadistic child.

I would cry too dear

My first reason for the immediate destruction of your life's work is that the child depicted in the story believes anything, and is thus, a godless heathen, because a vacuum must be filled. She doesn't have our lord in her life, and thus believes everything she hears, and will almost certainly be a troubled youth on an MTV pregnancy show at some point, if she isn't dead due to her deadbeat father before then. The worst part is that these evil people know that she believes everything, and mess with her by dressing in robot costumes, or just plain lying to her about things, and she doesn't know any better.

That poor girl has no idea what that robot really is

My second reason for the immediate termination of Yotsuba! is the sheer evil that is her father, does he even know she's there? Oftentimes I would see her just go off on her own, and he wouldn't notice, and soon she's slave labor in a noodle shop, under the guise of learning what it is, she was almost in a sweatshop, and what does the father do? HE EATS AT THAT VERY SAME RESTAURANT, what an awful man, do do that to this girl is just horrible, he clearly isn't even fit to be an fictional parent.

If he cared enough to keep guns away from the child, this may have never happened

Clearly little Yotsuba is a clear cut abused child, as her father neglects her, and everyone around her is evil towards her, whether its sweatshop recruitment, or the fact that a young girl's hair is green (she should see a doctor), its just not right, and her reaction is, to have an overactive imagination, and she stays away from reality! Whether she's talking to her teddy bear, or imagining cicadas as something other than cicada's she clearly has something to escape from, abuse.

Even the dogs are abusing her

The good news is, Yotsuba is clearly broken, as when I googled the series, I saw several 404 not founds, and a picture I'll share at the end of this paragraph. You finally did it, you broke her spirit, and set her on the downward spiral to evil, and all because the wrong father found her. For shame, for shame.

I hope you're proud of yourself

I hope after reading this you'll willing pull all copies of Yotsuba, and quit before I take this to the ALA, because then none of us will be happy.

And there ends the letter, please don't hate my mother, I just thought this was funny, drop me a comment or something, I'm sure my "mom" would appreciate it ;)
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