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Rider Battle: Double Vent


Still here? Awesome!

Today we reach episode 5 and see how our lovely riders will be competing for today's edge. Will it be the brilliantly shot Ryuki? Or the action pumped Dragon Knight?

Let's see whose dragon punch will win out!



Kamen Rider Ryuki - Episode 5

Scissors!!! I've been waiting for you! Interesting side note, better introduction that Insicor in Dragon Knight.

See Shinji and Ren have a lead that an antique salesman might be Kamen Rider Scissors. But rather than defeat Scissors Shinji wants to befriend him. "Us fellow riders must stick together." to paraphrase here. Ok, cool, the good old "let's give the bad guy all our info in an attempt to trust him" plot point is in full swing. Now, I'd like to make the Insicor/Scissors comparison today but I can't and that's because his identity is still secret here. I do have a theory since I come from a family of plot guessers but I'd like to be wrong just to make it interesting. (I'm funny that way)

Also it's interesting to note how dark this episode got. Yeah, Dragon Knight went brutal with it's "banishment" thing but Ryuki takes the cake. The dark and fearful cake. (Vanilla!) Here's the main ones:

-After being told who Kamen Rider Knight is, Scissor's monster attacks Ren while driving, causing him to be hit by a truck. (Yet somehow NOT killing him, maybe he had the "heart of the cards")
-Ren investigates the antique shop and discovers that the salesman he thought was Scissors has been trapped behind a wall, dead I might add.

Now you might wonder, "that's not dark" but let's face facts. By the end of the day, when you move aside the journalisic or critical views of shows like these, it's just a kid's show. A kid's show with the same target audience that the likes of Power Rangers and My Little Pony rake in. What I'm saying is in terms of a kid's show, it's dark.

Now what I'm hoping is that this Scissors saga will last more than what Insicor lasted (2 episodes if you're wondering by the way).

Kamen Rider Dragon Knight - Episode 5 (The Power of Two)

After five episodes I've noticed that there's one element I haven't been paying attention to. Music and I've just realised why. Because there's nothing to write about it. It seems a bit too...what's the word I'm looking for...bland? It's nothing really to focus on. With Ryuki there's musical pieces that you identify with. The dark creepy music for suspense and the fast pace for action scenes.

Hang on! I'm not about to bitch about Dragon Knight in today's post. There's a few things I like about this episode. The mentor-ship between Kit & Len fleshes out into a lovely bit of entertainment as Ren shows Kit the ropes and more of what it means to be a Kamen Rider.

And the fact that an evil alien is taking over Kit's world just like it did in Ventara.

.....Ok maybe not the alien bit but what I'm saying is that we're seeing more of Len's personality through the mentor-ship.

And now another rider enters the fray. A green one. Part of me feels like they really want to be Power Rangers to be honest. But in all seriousness, I'm liking the angle they're putting on him. The "wise assassin" character is intriguing to me. If I do have a complaint against the rider's debut can be boiled down to a single point. They've quickly revealed who this guy is behind the rider. It's not a good point in it's favour, especially when you're trying to put an assassin angle on him. It takes the mystery out of it. Take Kamen Rider Scissors for example. You see that rider form but they want you to guess and wonder "just who is Scissors?". With this guy, we already know who he is. They've shown us. We even know that he's planning to lie to Kit in an effort to stop trusting Len.

Dragon Knight's problem is that it's revealing too much, too quickly. Things like "this is why we fight" are good to know at the beginning. However the identity of another rider, one who is shown as evil, is something you want to establish later on. Slow down, Dragon Knight!

Let's not use up all our advent cards up our sleeve!

The Edge: Dragon Knight

Ok, by my findings in these episodes I should give the edge to Ryuki. It was more interesting to be quite honest. The reason I'm giving it to Dragon Knight is due to Len. His character is finally more than the "shades and looking cool" persona and I think we'll be seeing more and more as it develops which I'll certainly be looking forward to.

Right-o! We made it! Two weeks worth of Rider Battles released in a single night. It's funny I should bring up multiple episode coverage because this Saturday may be just that.

Remember that 50:40 ratio?

But until then, this is Sideshow, signing off saying:

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