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Rider Battle: Training Vent


[Missed the last Rider Battle? Click the rider above. Otherwise click the subtitle for today's...yo(?)]

This week I watched all of COPS: Skyrim and Real World: Whiterun and it got me thinking to finish a certain pilot for an unrelated project. So while I go finish that off (and abuse my TAFE's equipment in doing so) please enjoy this week's Rider Battle!

...Oh right!

It's a third episode royal as Ryuki and Dovakiin Dragon Knight duke it out with their martial art of entertainment!



Kamen Rider Ryuki - Episode 3

Ryuki is the household cat in this relationship. Bad first impression yet slowly warms up to you. I'm just waiting for the damn thing to dig it's claws into my groan at any given episode.

Picking up from the last episode Ren attacks Shinji on the basis that "THERE CAN BE ONLY ONE!!!". No seriously, we're Highlandering the plot here complete with Trick Vents and Ryuki getting his ass handed to him. Take note of this particular scene kiddies, it'll be useful later.

But let's talk about this whole "only one rider" ordeal. I think it's an interesting ploy to carry the plot along. It seems to be setting itself up for a certain direction, one which I have a few theories on. Was this whole rider system set up for the amusement of others? It might explain the advent deck, making it a game. The more I go into Ryuki's world the less interested I'm in with Dragon Knight's. Things are set up. There's a reason. "Because I transform to protect others." Shinji says as he heads out the door to his next fight.

Plus it's more engaging to see non-rider scenes and build up than it was the last episode. How dare it try to appeal to me!

As much as I praise it though, I seem to be interested in anyone BUT Shinji. Ren seems like he should be the main character. The shady figure with a mysterious past angle, although repetitive, is more interesting than a journalist in training who protects the innocent. Going to Kit in Dragon Knight, his character has a past, steals the show in whatever scene he's in, etc. Yeah, there's not an established reason why he becomes Dragon Knight but atleast his character makes its worth while to be invested in.

Still, it's early days so Shinji has plenty of time to win me over.

Kamen Rider Dragon Knight - Episode 3 (Kamen Rider Incisor)

(At time of gathering photos, I got hungry. This was just coincidence that this was in the episode)

"Last time on Kamen Rider-"

It should not take two whole minutes to recap a previous episode!!!

Right now before we continue, I'm going to stop using "Douchebag" as a name for one of the characters since the joke is getting old. So against my personal rules I decided to look up the character's actual name...It's Len. (This is Ren's western counterpart, by the way) Besides, after seeing a martial arts display from him, I'm inclined to be a lot nicer to him now.

A NEW RIDER HAS APPEARED! And he's an actual douchebag. No, like the upper class snooty kind. Maybe it's because I'm from a low income family that I'm just not a fan of the guy. Rich guy whose knocked down to poor working class until a lawyer gives him an advent deck and tells him to kill riders for money. Alright, I'm in but I hate the character's guts from two stand points. One I've explained above and two, his acting is appalling. Now the acting isn't going to be a big deal breaker when it comes to giving the edge to either show but I have a strange feeling that this is going to be a bigger problem down the track.

But let's talk about that fight scene from Ryuki.

What fight scene? In Dragon Knight it's used as a training scene. Despite my complaint against the show using stock footage, they got it right when writing this scene. It seems like it was tailored for the show and for that I tip my hat to the writers. However other scenes, mostly non-rider scenes, don't hold a lot of weight to them. It feels like they're random acts in a play. Such as the weird and awkward cross transitions to Len practising martial arts, as impressive as it is.

(So tailored that this screenshot is from Ryuki. The same shot in Dragon Knight)

On that note I want to spend this time talking about Len, the character who flip flops more than a pancake on a frying pan on springs. I just don't like his character. Not because of the acting, he's played by Matt Mullins who does an awesome job, it's just his personality. The shady personality is there but it feels like its done for the sake of looking cool rather than some back story which may lead to it but it hasn't been more apparent to me when they showed me a slow motion scene of Len getting off his bike, complete with a close up slow-mo crotch shot. Plus, there's no sign of any emotion other than "crap! I need to advance the plot". We don't know him and he's in three episodes. Ren in Ryuki is plenty established with more than one emotion and doesn't seem to be doing anything for the sake off coolness.

Len, I want to like you, but this "too cool for school" thing isn't helping.

The Edge: Ryuki

For these shows there are two types of scenes. Rider scenes and non-rider scenes. The trick is to make the non-rider scenes just as interesting and engaging as the rider scenes (something that Kamen Rider 555 does well). But be warned Ryuki! Start slipping up and Dragon Knight will strike vent you!

Another week of Rider Battle, another victor. But we know that there's more in store. The introduction of another rider in Dragon Knight and Ren's back story and motive in Ryuki. Who will take the edge next week?

...Dunno, haven't watched it yet. So I'll seeya next week for another Rider Battle!
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