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Great Balls of Fire

Now I’m a historian so I like to believe that everything has a precedent, that things follow an order and that new trends evolve from older trends. So while some people out there scratch their heads over the surge of yaoi popularity and t...


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I've been a gamer ever since I was a kid and I still suck at it. Outta all the gaming franchises Dragon Quest is my favorite. I'm quite a big Dragon Quest fan, to be honest. I used to watch anime growing up without ever really knowing it was anime, it was just all cartoons to me back then. As I got older I stopped watching TV for the most part and was "too old" to watch cartoons anyways but there were a few exceptions like Gundam and Rurouni Kenshin. Somehow I missed an episode of one of the few shows I still watched and found out you could watch anime on the internet and got back into anime, becoming a full time fan of it in fact. This happened probably around five or six years ago, have been addicted to it ever since and I've been playing catch-up ever since too. I have always been a big fan of anything robotic and Yoshiyuki Tomino is my all time favorite writer/director for anime and I always look forward to his works. Over the years I realized my love for the the older shows, which I mostly watch now but I still try to keep up with each new season.