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RANDOMNESS: Araki, you complete me.

I first came across his work when I was in 5th grade in the the form of an anime called Baoh. I instantly loved it for it's obscene display of violence and interesting scenario of a story. I always wanted more of it but it was just a one sh...


The Scary World of Obscure

Growing up the son of a movie buff, it didn't take me long to come and love animation. One of my first loves was Nausicaa: Valley of The Wind (Warriors of the Wind then. Silly Weinstein Brothers) yet, the full scope of Japanese Animation di...


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Name is simply Sean. Huge fan of movies and have been a fan of Japanese Animation/Anime since I was in 4th grade (1994). Also enjoy Comics, Video Games, you know, the gammat of nerdom, I suppose. haha. I made my pic btw. 8-bit Guyver concept for a over-the-head view, Zelda style, game I'm looking to make soon.