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RANDOMNESS: Araki, you complete me.

I first came across his work when I was in 5th grade in the the form of an anime called Baoh. I instantly loved it for it's obscene display of violence and interesting scenario of a story. I always wanted more of it but it was just a one shot, unfortunately. Some years later, I hear the creator of Baoh had a another series that rivaled fist of the north star. My young mind couldn't begin to comprehend such a notion. A few more years, later, I found an imported DVD of the original 6 ep. collection. Best $10 I ever spent. Jojo's Bizarre Adventure is really something special. It really is "Bizarre" but it's so captivating as the story progresses and the stakes for the characters rise as they continue their quest.

Really looking forward to the new animated series coming out in October and the new game for the PS3.

Also, random question # 1
If there would be any director who could make an interesting live action adaptation of Jojo's... Who would you think would be best suited for the job? I honestly think no one could really do it justice but I think Zack Snyder deff has the visual flair that the live action adaption would need. HBO should produce a live action show!! haha. Wishful thinking. haha

Random question #2
How badass would it be if the developers of the new game put Baoh in as a secret or hidden character? I'd lose my fanboy mind. haha.

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