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[Nendoroid Review] Misaka "Sisters" Nendoroid No. 361

My first anime nendoroid review! Kind of strange that my first reviews were nendoroids of real people. Here's Misaka imouto from A Certain Scientific Railgun anime series! She's loaded out with her signature look; specialized goggles, Toki...


[Nendoroid Review] Mizuki Nana Nendoroid No. 322

Hello readers! I have another special nendoroid review for you; Mizuki Nana nendoroid! Just like Tamura Yukari nendo, she was also an concert exclusive that eventually was released on the Good Smile Online Shop. Here she is in her box ...


2014 Anime Los Angeles Cosplay Highlights

Oh 2014... Just started the year and already anime is going at full throttle. New season anime, new anime announcements and of course, anime conventions. For the first time ever, I went to Anime Los Angeles @ Marriott near LAX. It was defin...


[Nendoroid Review] Tamura Yukari Nendoroid No. 321

This time, I got myself the Nendoroid No. 321, Tamura Yukari nendoroid! You could say I recently became of fan her voice-over work, namely through the anime Ore no Kanojo to Osananajimi ga Shuraba Sugiru (OreShura for short). Her voice work...


Winter Anime Final Standings 2013

Much apologies, dear readers. I have been missing in action due to work but I am back now to restart my blog, renewed with vigor! If perhaps you have read my previous blog post then you'll already be familiar; for newcomers, this blog seri...


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