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Brad Rice to appear on Failcast episode 50 tonight


Hey Japanator. I know I don't blog that often over here, but I figured you guys might be interested in this. Over on Dtoid, I'm on Failcast, the unofficial community podcast, and tonight (Tuesday, October 13th) everyone's favorite Editor-in-Chief Brad Rice is appearing on the show as our weekly community guest. So basically, we're looking for any questions that people want to ask him. Just post them in the comments and we'll read them aloud on the show! Even though Dtoid is a video game website, everyone on the show watches anime, so we'll probably end up talking about it quite a bit.

Here's the original post:

Failcast has finally hit the big 5-0, so does that mean we're over the hill? Well, Old Man Hito is, so we'll just count that for the rest of us.

Since it's been another ten episodes, that means it's time for another editor to appear on the show as our weekly community guest. This time around, we've secured Mr. Brad Rice, a.k.a. "Dick McVengeance" to old-school Dtoiders. Brad joins us to talk about the community, Dtoid's sister site Japanator, anime, and random stuff along the lines of loli, weeaboos, and hentai. But we can't do our episode without your help as usual!

Post your questions for Brad in the comments below, along with the usual array of questions and nonsensical statements about the vidya games, Gundam vs. Macross, and all those other Failcast memes you guys keep bringing up every week.

Domo arigatou-gozaimasu, community-kun!
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