Catherine wants to get you all liquored up


Catherine wants you wasted.

You think you're a hard-partying person? Had your fair share of encounters with the porcelain god after a rough night of attempting to ingest anything with the words "alcohol by volume" on it? Catherine wants to contribute.

Seems a main gameplay component will involve how sloshed you get the main character, Vincent, with the official site now containing a section entitled "Drink." Want to know more? Hit the jump to see just how slugging down that Jägermeister will help you become a better player. 

Alcoholism, here we come! 

Vincent and friends often visit the "Stray Sheep" bar, using it as a way to escape the world (and hence consume copious amounts of booze.)


Ah, but you don't just have to drink whatever the game offers you! Instead, you can choose just how much you'd like to destroy your liver with choices like sake, whiskey, beer, or a cocktail. I have a feeling that I'll be abusing the fact that I can get a video game character as trashed as I want without too many consequences. OH GOD, scratch that. I have just developed an idea for a Catherine drinking game. Oh well, there goes my liver too.


Like any good thirty-something who hates life enough to take a bath in vodka, your walking skills will deteriorate as you get more intoxicated. I'm expecting horrible handling hijinks to ensue!


Oh yeah, so remember those nightmare sections in the game we told you about? The liquor factors in pretty heavily here. The more you drink in the real world, the faster you can move in the nightmare world. I'm not really sure how that corresponds. Maybe running faster makes it more insane and disturbing? If so, I totally get it.


And who's going to teach you to drink in the game? Catherine? Or Katherine? Neither. Remember creepy sheep guy? The one who talks to you? He'll be showing you the ropes of your Four Loko blackout, and explaining all the mechanics. Let's just hope you survive.

Just as this game is tackling the more adult aspects of sex and relationships, I'm really interested to see how the drinking sections are handled. I'm personally more than excited at the prospect of a really "grown up" RPG. Gone are the more sanitized days of hugs and good clean fun in a grassy field ala Final Fantasy. Here's to drinking and screwing! So how about you guys? Does this seem like an interesting way to augment gameplay? Are you foaming at the mouth for Catherine as much as I am?

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