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30 years ago on this day, October 4, 1987 marked the premiere of a Japanese superhero TV show Kamen Rider Black. This was the eighth installment of the Kamen Rider series that started in 1971 created by the late Shotaro Ishinomori. Kamen Rider Black and its direct sequel, Kamen Rider Black RX, were the last TV show series made before its TV hiatus in the 1990s.

Kamen Rider Black follows the mold of the previous' iterations of the series: guy gets kidnapped by an evil organization that wants to turn him into a weapon of evil, but the hero finds a way to escape the control of evil and becomes a hero of good. The difference this time around is that the hero has a brother and they both get kidnapped to become the evil organization's king. This gave the show more drama and a bit of a darker tone, despite still having some goofy bits in there to lighten the mood since this is still a show for older kids.

Kamen Rider Black received a direct sequel with Kamen Rider Black RX, which was the primary source of the failed western adaptation of the series' Masked Rider by Saban (yuck). Kamen Rider Black RX still featured the same lead but with new villains, suits, and vehicles. But we're here to talk about Kamen Rider Black how I like it more since I never saw RX but stillknew of it through trading cards.

I have a personal connection to this show, I grew up watching it every sunday evening as kid in the Philippines, I fondly remember talking to my cousin about the mosquito monster and how we would contain it to prevent it from taking over humanity with its tiny mind control mosquitos. Kamen Rider Black was popular outside Japan, mailny in southeast asia and south america, and you can tell from all the comments on the videos on youtube.

So for the 30th anniversary, I threw some videos together for y'alls enjoyment. Fans and newcomers alike, here are some videos to check out. Enjoy!

Kamen Rider Black Opening song (Complete Version)

This was from an era where the lead would do more than just be onscreen, and would do things such as sing the theme song in the video above. Yeah, Kamen Rider Black/Kohtaro Minami's actor, Tetsuo Kurata, does the song okay since its a pretty simple song but is the kind that really gets you excited for some action.


Kamen Rider Black Transformation scene

Ah, yes. The transformation sequence clip that is used every time to fill up some time and save money. This was a necessity back then since visual effects and CG were in their infancy and were very expensive even if available. This transformation sequence action looks pretty for the era and had an interactive element in it. The DX version of the toy transformation belt can be activated by the lights from the TV when the transformation sequence or special attack played onscreen.


Kamen Rider Black fights a porcupine monster in a computer world with kids

Did I mention that most these Japanese TV superheroes were originated in the 1970s and carried on a level of goofiness to this day? This is such an example of the silly stuff that would happen while the occasional dark stuff like children being in peril and people dying still come up so often.


Kamen Rider Black Ending Song

Seeing an episode end always made me a bit sad as a kid and this ending still gets to me.


Kamen Rider Black and RX transform together

This clip is from the 2009 TV series Kamen Rider Decade, where the eponymous Decade can transform to any previous rider. The show served as the decade anniversary of the revival of the Kamen Rider and featured many of the older riders. Of course, Kamen Rider Black and RX  were there, portrayed by Tetsuo Kurata who still looks good and up for the role. The transformation is now a live version thanks to modern visual effects but is a quick appended version. It sill looks cool though.


Kamen Rider RX and Black meet in RX movie

It's always cool to see crossovers between characters but what happens when those two characters are the same person? Just have them meet and don't acknowledge it, it doesn't matter since it's for kids and don't think about it too hard.

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