Colossal Titan now terrorizing various landmarks around Japan


The chibiest of Colossal Titans

Most tourist attractions and gift shops in Japan aren't complete without a huge selection of various cute phone straps and keychains you can buy as a memento. You can find them with Hello Kitty, Stitch, One Piece characters, and local mascots all over the country.

RocketNews24 reports that now Colossal Titan joins their ranks, depicted as Nara's famous seated daibutsu in Todaiji, tearing into an octopus leg at Osaka, and even looming over Mt. Fuji. There are a bunch, so I've included images in the gallery so you can see for yourself. If you're the type to collect these straps when you travel, you've got another great otaku option in these for adventures within Japan.

The straps and keychains are created by Max Limited, a company that owns Plex, who make awesome high quality figures such as this lovely rendition of Gaara in samurai gear, one of the few good Buggy the Clown figures in existence, and an upcoming centerpiece-variety Colossus Titan. See more at their home page.

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