Criterion planning a massive 25-film sized Kurosawa box set? DO WANT!


Mmm...Kurosawa. As much as I love his works, most of what I've seen of his stuff has been through rentals and screenings. In fact, I think the only Kurosawa film I own is Stray Dog, and I only bought that for a film noir paper I wrote. So, when I noticed Toronto J-Film Pow-Wow talking about the rumored box set, I was "happy," to say the least.

The box set that's being considered by Criterion would run at $400 and contain 25 out of the 30 films he's ever made. We've got the proposed list down after the jump, and the word on the street is that the box set will hit shelves December 8th, in time for Christmas. Amazon already has a listing for it, and The Playlist says Criterion will be issuing an announcement on September 15th, announcing it with a slate of other big titles for the end of the year.

The big question that's preventing me from just going ahead and ordering this thing right now is I'd like to hear what the special features are going to be for the box set. Well, I'll still be ordering the collection, but I'd like to know if these discs will be the stripped-down versions of the film, containing fairly barebones versions of each of these films, or if they're going to go all out and pack these discs with all the special features that were on their original Criterion releases.

I'm sorely begging for the latter. I would be such a happy camper.


Proposed list of films:

  • 1943 - Sanshiro Sugata
  • 1944 - The Most Beautiful
  • 1945 - Sanshiro Sugata Part II
  • 1945 - The Men Who Tread on the Tiger’s Tail
  • 1946 - No Regrets for Our Youth
  • 1947 - One Wonderful Sunday
  • 1948 - Drunken Angel
  • 1949 - Stray Dog
  • 1950 - Scandal
  • 1950 - Rashomon
  • 1951 - The Idiot
  • 1952 - Ikiru
  • 1954 - Seven Samurai
  • 1955 - I Live in Fear
  • 1957 - Throne of Blood
  • 1957 - The Lower Depths
  • 1958 - The Hidden Fortress
  • 1960 - The Bad Sleep Well
  • 1961 - Yojimbo
  • 1962 - Sanjuro
  • 1963 - High and Low
  • 1965 - Red Beard
  • 1970 - Dodesuka-den
  • 1980 - Kagemusha
  • 1993 - Madadayo

What's missing from this collection:

  • 1949 - The Quiet Duel
  • 1975 - Dersu Uzala
  • 1985 - Ran
  • 1990 - Dreams
  • 1991 - Rhapsody in August

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