Death Note live action teaser from Netflix is here


Does not look bad

After a decade of waiting, a western-made movie adaptation of the hugely popular (and easily cosplayable) Death Note is finally a real thing that you can watch soon. This is an adaptation from Netflix, the same service that brought you many great original series' such as Terrace House and Orange is the New Black. Director is Adam Wingard, whose recent work include last year's Blair Witch and parts of the V/H/S films.

The trailer looks okay so far, giving off a very uneasy vibe and we get so see 'Kira'. They actually use the name 'Kira' in this adaptation, I wonder how they'll write the use of that name that into a western setting. I'm getting a very Mr Robot vibe from the trailer, if you haven't seen it, Mr Robot is about a genius hacker guy who uses his hacking skills to exact justice into the world and things go crazy. So that is an appropriate style for this adaptation to copy.


Check out the trailer below!

So when this show hits, I suggest you cancel all your keikakus to check it out and judge for yourself. [Note: "Keikaku" means plan]


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