Don't worry guys, God Eater 2 still looks 'anime'


In most other cases one's would probably just be "Well, duh!" but it was a matter of some concern with God Eater 2, whose teaser trailers showed not stylish anime music videos, but the pseudo-realism of Final Fantasy-esque CG.

My theory on the motivation behind the change was for Namco to make it more marketable to people who instinctively hate everything "anime", but for me one of the big draws of God Eater was its sexed-up character design, appealing  to fans of the belts-and-zippers school of fashion.

Not to worry, though, because new screenshots and concept art from Famitsu reveal that yes, the game still looks "anime". 

Not that it really mattered, because the PSP couldn't have rendered the character models in any other way, anyway. Check out the teaser trailer for God Eater 2 below, and the OP animation for God Eater 1 below that. For comparion!


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