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Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle - Characters span all eras of Dragon Ball


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BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment’s smash hit Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle has been downloaded over 200 million times. While there are quite a few reasons why so many people enjoy the mobile game, having such a wide variety of characters is one of the big draws for the title. Not only is Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle’s roster of characters insanely huge, the characters in the game span every era of Dragon Ball, from the original Dragon Ball anime and manga from 1984, to Dragon Ball Super, and even the movies, specials and games. Ever wonder who would win in a battle between Super Sayian 2 Gohan and Majin Vegeta? Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle finally lets you end that argument, as characters from these different eras can finally face each other thanks to a faulty time machine which has thrown the Dragon Ball timeline into total chaos. Let’s take a look at some of the character variety in the mobile game that highlights Dragon Ball through the ages.

Dragon Ball Z

Dokkan Battle features both well-known and obscure characters from the original Dragon Ball series. You can choose to play with popular characters such as Chi-Chi, Tao Pai Pai or King Piccolo, or you can try your hand at lesser known characters such as Baba’s fighters. The choice is yours to make! As you’re collecting characters from the classic Dragon Ball era, focus on nabbing cards with compatible skills and colors to buff your favorite fighters making them undefeatable in battle. Your Purple type Piccolo will provide the perfect counter to a Green type Raditz, but only if you manage your card types correctly!

Dragon Ball Z

As arguably the most well-known variation of Dragon Ball, there are plenty of characters to use in Dokkan Battle from the Dragon Ball Z era. You can try your hand at the main antagonists such as Buu, the Androids, or Frieza and the Ginyu Force, or pick up the heroes we all admired with Goku, Yamcha, Tien and more! If you’re having trouble defeating these iconic heroes and villains, save your Dragon Stones for summoning more powerful warriors, or enter one of the many daily or weekly events to unlock unstoppable characters to add to your arsenal.

Dragon Ball GT

Of course no Dragon Ball game would be complete without representation from Dragon Ball GT. Baby, Nuova Shenron, Pan and other popular characters from the series are all included in Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle. While Dragon Ball GT is no longer the final chapter in the Dragon Ball series, there are still plenty of fan favorite characters, many of which can be found in Dokkan Battle. Recreate your favorite team-ups from this era, or create an all new dream team, using “link skills” to take advantage of shared skills to increase your characters’ chances of releasing their super attacks and crushing your opposition!

Dragon Ball Super

Dragon Ball Super is the latest and greatest when it comes to Dragon Ball anime and manga. As you might expect, there are plenty of characters from Super in Dokkan Battle. Everyone’s favorite God of Destruction, Beerus, is included, along with some of the Universe 6 team members, Cabba and Frost, and even a glimpse of the future with Goku Black and Zamasu. To strengthen your roster against these new and powerful enemies, train your characters using other characters you’ve collected, or training items to max out your power levels. If you’re still having trouble, “Awaken” your characters by obtaining Awakening Medals to level up even further!


The character representation doesn’t stop with the main anime and manga series. The movies, specials and even games are represented in Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle to make sure no Dragon Ball fan is left out. Fans will find that Android 13, Broly and Janemba from the movies, Bardock and Chilled from the specials, and Xenoverse characters from the Xenoverse series of games are all featured in Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle.

When it comes down to it, one of the big reasons so many people enjoy playing Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle on their mobile devices is because there are so many characters to play with from every era of Dragon Ball. If you haven’t taken the time to download Dokkan Battle and see why everyone is raving about the title, now is a great time to get started, especially with all of your favorite characters included in the fun!

[Article sponsored by Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle, available on Android or iOS ]


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