Drink a tall glass of your favorite Disney princess


Bourbon water nails it

Entabe reports that Bourbon brand drinking water is now going to come in bottles with Disney Princess designs on its labels. The designs themselves are rather pretty: fashion designer-looking artwork with pastel watercolor washes.

Snow White, Cinderella, and Rapunzel were slated for their royal debuts today, June 17th, but I didn't spot any when I hit the grocery store or my local Lawson. I'll try again tomorrow! They're the ones with the pretty watercolor-like, transparent artwork. I'm just sad that Belle wasn't included, since she's my actual favorite, but I'll settle for the others.

Later on, in July, there'll be Anna and Elsa label water bottles for sale presented with a much less simplistic (or stylistic) design. They're just shown as they might appear on a character poster at the movie theater.

Yep, I'm just the sort of sucker who goes for little gimmicks like this.

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