Epic sword is epic! Comes with bonus math problem


I couldn't bring myself to horizontally crop this one from o'er at Sankaku, a full-size replica of Guts' Dragon Slayer from that heartwarming coming-of-age tale, Berserk, and the only other sword permitted in international "Who'd win in a fight, Sephiroth, Cloud or Goku?" debates. It's 215 cm long - that's seven feet and one inch, thank you - and 40 cm (15 inches) at its widest. For those of you wondering how much it weighs, stop herniating yourself: it's a breezy 4 kg, about 9 pounds, thanks to fiberglass and reinforced plastic comprising the body, rather than solid steel and the brains of a million hapless NPCs.

The owner coughed up 58,000 yen for it; now I'm wondering, as those folks are, how much it'd actually weigh if it was steel, hollow core or not. (That second fight with Zodd says probably not.) Now, assuming this nerd page is correct and cast steel weighs 490 pounds per cubic foot, the sword's length doesn't include the handle, and it's, say, three inches thick on average and 10 inches wide the same way, how much is Guts swinging around to crush people's skulls like that? I have no clue. 

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