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With the coming of Ero Week, I can hop on top of my internet roof in this virtual neighborhood and shout at the top of my lungs...


Now I'm not talking about an unhealthy love or attraction to the adult industry. I'm just saying as a young and hormonally active male that I enjoy watching and reading materials that show attractive people and/or creatures in various states of undress or erotic acts. 2D, 3D, it's all good in my book.

The best thing about it is that I'm definitely not alone. Although people typically don't advertise their love of the pr0ns, millions of people enjoy watching biological interfacing, whether it involves women and men, men on men, women on women or any other combination you can think of. With such high supply, there's luckily a high demand and artists, authors and publishers have met it in spades! If visiting Comiket taught me anything it's that people of all stripes sometimes just need to see cartoons boning.

So what I'm doing here is recommending some quality titles for all the Jtorians out there that might be interested in some new *ahem* reading material.

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I'll preface that I prefer there to be some sort of love in my stories, since I'm quite a romantic bear. I am strictly against loli material, as I personally do not find prepubescents attractive. I judged the series based on their erotic content, artistic style and presentation, the passion of the love making and the overall story. Yes, I said story. I like when porn at least attempts to have a narrative. Onward! 

Honey Blonde

Author/Artist: Fukudahda

Originally published: 2007

Strong points: Simple and cute art, sweet relationship between the lead characters

Weak points: Lactating boobs are definitely not my kink of choice, Eleanor's breasts become a bit too pendulum-like at times.

I discovered Honey Blonde a few months back while reporting a figure of the titular Honey Blonde, Eleanor Mercer. The manga is about Eleanor and her relationship with Masaki, her boyfriend. The two go to school together, have sex, go through typical teenage drama, have sex, Masaki has sex with Eleanor's mother, etc. There isn't anything particularly original here, I just thoroughly enjoy the art and find the Eleanor/Masaki relationship cute.

One kink that doesn't really get me here is the lactating breasts. I understand the love and passion of large boobs, but having those boobs squirting milk has never really revved me up. With the amount of leaking milk in this story, I would typically have stopped reading the doujin, but I liked the story and characters enough to keep going. The sex scenes are pretty decent too, which certainly helped keep my interest.

Domin-8 Me!

Author/Artist: Sessyu Takemura

Originally published: 2004

Licensed by: Eros Comix 

Strong points: Surprisingly touching love story, Oono's design rocks my world, a lot of kink in a little package

Weak points: Some odd sex talk, a pair of traps may bother the squeamish, one rape scene and one loli scene in the second volume (see notes below.)

Take on Me, or Domin-8 Me! as it's known in the US, is probably my favorite original ero doujin. Like many in the genre, it's a story set in high school between a milquetoast boy and a dominant female. What makes Domin-8 Me stand out is the dynamic that forms between its main couple. The sexy times begin when the short and nerdy Tsuda's camera gets a peek under the skirt of the amazonian Oono. The photo reveals that Oono is going commando and has a vibrator going while she's walking about school. Tsuda takes advantage of this and blackmails Oono into having sex with him.

I know, that's not the best intro into a "touching love story," but you quickly find out that Oono more or less manipulated Tsuda into "blackmailing" her. The giant and the shorty quickly start delving into every sexual situation they can get themselves in, including anal play, threesomes, cross-dressing and much more. The thing is, the way it's written you really feel the bond that Tsuda and Oono have formed with each other and the vulnerability they both have when it comes to expressing their love. Several other characters get caught up in Tsuda and Oono's antics, but the main draw is the mis-proportioned couple. Also, Oono's design nearly hits all of my kinks, so she's a pleasure to read and watch.

As much as I love Domin-8 Me, there are two major problems that nearly turned me off completely. First, there's a loli scene in the beginning of the second volume. It's isolated to one chapter, so depending on how you read it you can just remove it. The other problem, again in the second volume, is a rape scene involving one of the side characters. I hate rape scenes in my H material, but once again depending on how you read it you may be able to remove it from view. Otherwise, I can't recommend Domin-8 Me enough.


Pink Sniper

Author/Artist: Kengo Yonekura

Originally published: 2001

Licensed by: Eros Comix

Strong points: Haruna is SMOKING hot, art is very sexy

Weak points: Some of the anthropomorphic animals may terrify the furry-phobic, a futanari scene that becomes a gender bending scene may scare others. 

Of the manga I mention in this article, Pink Sniper is probably the weakest when it comes to any sort of story or romance. However, what it lacks in story it more than makes up for in eroticism. It may not have the emotional connection that Domin-8 Me has, but it was some dynamite sex scenes and a fair amount of humor to boot. The "story" has a new student named Niiba going to a new school with an oversexed nurse named Haruna. Niiba loathes his new school, but his sexcapades with Haruna keep him occupied.

If you dig cat, cow, or bunny girls, you'll dig a bunch of the scenes since they lean heavily toward the "girl" part of that descriptor. There are several threesomes, anal play, cross dressing and a futanari scene that turns into a full gender bent scene. Like I said, what it lacks in story it makes up in eros. It's silly, fluffy fun.



Author/Artist: Studio KIMIGABUCHI

Originally published: 2004

Strong points: Made me like Asuka despite how much I despised her in the original show, a moving story that made me have sympathy for characters that I didn't deserve it in the original work.

Weak points: If you absolutely hate Evangelion then you won't like this, little ero material in the later chapters

Alright, keep with me here. RE-TAKE is the only doujin in this article based off an established work and for good reason. I wanted to direct people to original works, but the strength of the story in RE-TAKE made it impossible to not recommend. It was so good that it made me rethink my opinion on Evangelion and is in fact a better epilogue for the series than the original movie.

RE-TAKE starts with the final scene from End of Evangelion, with Shinji mounting Asuka and choking her. When she reaches up to touch his face, Shinji has one of his patented freak outs and wakes up in the hospital several weeks earlier. It seems that Shinji has fallen back in time to earlier in the series, with the memories of everything that occurred still in his head. From there Shinji tries to prevent the catastrophe that happened at the end of the show and the movie from happening, to various successes and unexpected consequences.

I first read this a couple of weeks after completing the show and watching End of Evangelion, so I was in a particularly bitter mood when it came to that world. I had heard good things about this doujin, so I gave it a read and was blown away by its quality and story telling. Studio KIMIGABUCHI created an excellent alternate storyline that made a guy that couldn't stand anybody in the original show care for just about everybody. Shinji immediately grows a spine and stands up for himself. Asuka's idiotic tsundere antics fall away when Shinji grows a pair and admits the obvious. Even the emotionless Rei drops her mask and reveals how empty and reliant she is on her fellow pilots. In four issues, a prequel and an epilogue, Studio KIMIGABUCHI gives legitimate motivations to these characters that 26 episodes and a movie couldn't produce. When things go south later you genuinely feel for these kids since they now have something to lose and whatever they take away from their experiences feel earned.

That's not to say that every one will enjoy RE-TAKE. Even though I found it leaps and bounds better than the show and original movie, you have to have some sort of interest in Evangelion for any of this to have an affect on you. The art is pretty simple and unimpressive, though it isn't awful by any stretch. There's also very little H material in the later chapters, so if you're looking for a lot porn this isn't the place to look.

I could write an entire article about how RE-TAKE works for me and saved Eva for me, but I'll just leave it as an essential read for fans and if you have any remaining interest in the show it's worth a read.


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