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Yeah, it's Friday, and Fighting Friday's coming at you hard and fast like a kick from a woman in filthy footwear! We know you're into that sort of thing. Don't deny it. Yeah.

You know what else you're into? FIGHTING. Which is why we bring you the latest in fight show and manga recaps! Get on below to watch our experienced battle commentators get on with it!


Chris Walden

Hunter x Hunter Episodes 10 and 11

I must say I was fully prepared to see Leorio lose spectacularly. I mean, there's nothing quite more cliché than a winner-takes-all finale, right? Well, as much as he hasn't won yet either, he's certainly putting on a good show. With the smurf laying in the middle of the arena and Kurapika being a pain in the ass and not finishing him off, Leorio puts his own round to good use. In two moves he scores the point for Kurapika's round, essentially causing the smurf to run away for fear of death. However, he's put his own round in jeopardy as his opponent clearly plays dirty and changes the rules. Leorio may be showing off some impressive thinking skills, he sure messed up that one. Good one Kurapika, it's your fault.

We also get to see a nice chunk of the episode dedicated to Hisoka, that terrifying clown man. On his way through the tower he finds himself in a room with an instructor from the last exam he entered. Apparently Hisoka caused the large scar he has on his face, so he's been mastering the art of doing some really neat things with knives in preparation for this meeting, so he can kill him in revenge. This fight is really cool by the way. Hisoka ends up dodging the throwing knives, occasionally getting cut as he learns how they behave. This isn't the end for him though, as he eventually plucks the knives out of the air and cuts off the ex-instructors head. Nice!

Episode 11 may well be one of the best episodes of shounen anime I've seen in a long, long time. Leorio busts out on the gambling round with a combination of being rubbish at rock-paper-scissors and being a bloke. Well, at least we know that his opponent was a woman, right? Killua is up next, and he has to face off against a serial killer who murders people with his bear hands. Even the rest of the prisoners are frightened of him, which doesn't help when the smurf gets a little cocky and ends up planted in a wall. The hunter team seem pretty worried about sending Killua out there, but he's less than bothered. 

The rules are simple, as whoever dies will lose. The serial killer is obviously a formidable foe, but still Killua is not phased. The round starts, and Killua simply walks past the guy. However, not without mortally wounding him, as he pulls out the guys still beating heart. As you might well guess, everyone except Gon ends up stunned at the spectacle. Killua isn't without mercy though, as he places the heart back in the hand of the now-dead serial killer. As much as it was clear that there was more to Killua, seeing that was still quite the shock! After that bombshell, we have to watch the five of them waste 50 hours in a locked room to make up for the time Leorio lost in round four. I'm sure it won't be as boring as it sounds though!


Josh Tolentino

Bleach episode 352

Ichigo's training continues apace as Jackie demonstrates her ability to fight in chaps and ridiculous hats. Tsukishima arrives, and Ichigo grows a fullbring that makes him look like he's wearing an ink blot.

The most notable portion of the episode happens at the end, where Jackie and Riruka answer the big question about her power, one that I asked myself back when this happened in the manga:

If Jackie's kicking power is dependent on the condition of her boots, why not keep them muddy all the time? Surely a few scuffs are worth being battle-ready at all times. Well, turns out that that's not exactly feasible, since her every step would kick a hole into the floor.

Good going, Bleach anime! Inform your readers!

Kristina Pino

Fairy Tail Episodes 108-109


So, this it the part that had everyone shaking their heads in the manga: what the hell, Cana? And don't you worry folks, it gets better/worse.

Episode 109 was a particularly funny one, though. It's mostly fluff up until the point that Lucy runs into Natsu, who punches Kain at just the right moment to save her from sudden death. Once Natsu gets involved, particularly when he gets trapped and handles the curse doll to use Lucy's body for the fight, things pick up so much more.

I don't know how long I was laughing the first time I read that manga chapter of Lucy literally catching fire and being flung full speed at Kain. It's a fantastic moment in Fairy Tail (and for her character in general, yeah?) that I won't soon forget.

Kain is pretty much a pushover compared with the rest of these guys, though. Well, save one, which we'll get to when we get to it (spoiler-free!). I'm personally looking forward to seeing the rest of this arc animated. All fired up!

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Josh Tolentino

Naruto chapter 567


Aw, nuts! What a rip!

Actually, it's not that much of a rip. Seeing Kakashi, Bee, Naruto and Guy fight Tobi is pretty gratifying. Further, it seems the Nine-Tails and Naruto are forming a proper accord. Becoming the perfect fusion that Bee and the Eight-Tales represent will doubtless be critical to the final fights to come.


Bleach chapter 477

Hey, Tsukishima, your heart's been cut out. You're not supposed to be able to, like, live. Oh, you have your own story about Ginjou's niceness to convey next week? Fine.

Also, it seems the only reason Riruka was hiding inside Rukia was to find out how AMAZING a person Ichigo is. UGH.


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