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To say that Blood C has taken an interesting turn would be a bit of an understatement. Nothing really new or surprising, what with high school girl Saya using her mysterious powers to defend her town from encroaching demons. It started as fairly harmless, with the occasional bystander getting chomped on by a demon. However, when this girl's friends start to drop like flies I started taking Blood C a bit more seriously. I didn't expect her loved ones to start dying, much less in the numbers and ways they did. 

By the time I reached the last episode, it was clear that the creators pulled some pretty nasty twists on Saya. Things this bad require some sort of reckoning in order for there to be some sort of satisfaction on the part of the viewer. Japanator readers, let me tell you that this is one hell of a reckoning. In fact, in the nine years I've been watching anime, this is by far the most violent 23 minutes I've ever had to watch.

Hit the jump to find out why. I tried to avoid some of the worse bits of violence in the screen caps, but understand that some pics may not be for the squeamish. 


We start off with Fumito revealing that he's the one behind everything. He created an entire town, filled it with people and hired specific actors to play the parts of Saya's friends. He captured Saya, a demon in human form, to experiment with fighting the "Aged Ones." He used her blood to control several specific Aged Ones to test Saya's resolve to remain the way she is. While completely shocked, there's nothing that Saya can do at the moment. 

With the background set up, Fumito unleashes the nearby Aged One, which promptly kills the Nono, Nene and Tokizane. The beast tries to kill the teacher, but Saya snaps out of her reverie and fights back. Saya dives down the beasts gullet and stabs its heart. The teacher runs into the shrine and up to Saya's father Takayoshi, who gives a comforting hug. Whoops, turns out it's not so comforting as Tadayoshi rips into the teachers throat and kills her, revealing himself to be a partial Aged One and the creature that caught Saya in the first place. The two fight, with Saya eventually coming out on top.

With her surrogate father dead, Saya runs out to kill Fumito. The smug bastard unleashes another Aged One, which lasts about five seconds before Saya kills it. She runs down the steps of the shrine and meets a hail of gunfire from Fumito's security. Before they can shoot her some more, Itsuki shields her and gets a ton of bullets pumped into him. Worse, the Aged One Saya killed wakes up, splits into a bunch of copies and leaps into town. Saya chases Fumito's car while the Aged Ones feast on the towns folk in some of the goriest animation I've seen. People get eaten like potato chips, corn on the cob, drank like a can of coke, it's pretty bad.

Fumito and Yuka make it to a helipad and take off, escaping the chaos that is the town. Saya finds the main Aged One and kills it before leaping up to the sky to take out Fumito. Right when she goes in for the kill, Fumito fires a high-powered pistol, taking out Saya's left eye and sending her into the drink below, revealing that the Guimauve was made of ground up Aged Ones. Eww. It takes Saya several days to recover, but she finally gets up, wraps up her left eye and leaves the town looking for Fumito. After the credits, it's revealed that there'll be a Blood C movie next June, presumably to wrap up the story.

Wow, now that was a helluva finale. Besides being animated quite well, we get enough answers to finish up this part of this part of the story. Considering my trepidation of a 12 episode show, they were able to spin out a full enough story where I was satisfied and am looking forward to how they can finish up the story. I also am curious at the eventual BD/DVD release and seeing how the violence was animated, though that's definitely the more morbid part of my curiosity asking to be sated.

That's not to say the show was perfect. Far from it actually. The first half was pretty damn slow, with little spurts of action keeping me going when it was just a slice of life show with the occasional monster. The fights always looked good, but everything else looked sparse and typically CLAMP-like. I will say that I wasn't expecting her friends to be fake. I thought that Fumito had something up his sleeve, but the complete control of the town was something I didn't consider. The writers really put poor Saya through hell at the end there, with more pain likely to come. Hats off to I.G. and CLAMP for tricking me there. June 2nd couldn't come soon enough!


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