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C3, out of the three anime I've been recapping this season, is probably the most difficult to talk about. There are a lot of things going on in this show and there's a lot to take in, so hopefully I'll be able to put across my opinions clearly, rather than in an incoherent mess similar to what is currently swimming through my head. Confused yet? Good!

So, is C3 as explosive as I'd hoped it would be? Is it just a show that'll eventually be outclassed and forgotten? I'm going to put aside the not-so-subtle references and have you meet me after the jump. It's safe there.

C3 was a hard one to suss out straight off the bat. The first episode was fairly comic, with a little ecchi thrown in the mix, so I went into the show assuming it would just be something similar to Kore Wa Zombie Desu Ka?. That's fine, as I enjoyed that shows mix of comedy and serious plot. C3 also went down the serious road, which was a good decision. The fights were interesting and well done, so no qualms there! The comedy continued, but it never quite rose above that of the first episode, which wasn't exactly comic gold either. Good for a chuckle or two, but the only other laughs I had in the show came from subtitles. Can't fault the show for that though!

To me, it seemed like the anime felt obliged to keep up with the comedy. The school scenes, besides those that focused on Sovereignty in her arc, seemed out of place. They were ultimately there, as we see in the final episode, to show some of Fear's progression in becoming 'human', though really only serve to introduce a few shallow characters and disrupt the flow of the plot. The actual 'arcs' were fairly good, especially the aforementioned Sovereignty arc, and they all came with their own interesting stories and battles. The fights were significantly the better part of the show, focusing not just on physical combat, but mind games too. The art, which I'll go into in more detail later, really complimented the psychological attacks that the show regularly used. The direct combat wasn't shabby either, but it would have been nice to see a few more of them. It was pretty commonplace to see a cut-away, or the villain just straight up leaving. 

The final battle in the show, which has nigh on every good guy we've seen so far fighting Alice, was extremely disappointing. She clones herself multiple times with a magic mirror, beats the good guys into submission and brings Fear to the bring of going berserk. That, is awesome. They had it way too easy before, so seeing them getting absolutely trounced was a breath of fresh air. However, it's a no-brainer that they would win, and I'm fine with that, but it's the way in which they win that is so disappointing. Sovereignty appears out of nowhere, says a few silly lines, and breaks the mirror that Alice is meant to be guarding by throwing an immobile Kuroe into it. I'm sorry, but she wouldn't just stand there and let that happen considering the build up, not to mention the number of clones that could have stepped in. She was ultimately outwitted by having a loli thrown at her.

As much as I rant on about it, C3 certainly wasn't un-watchable. The characters, with the exception of Haruaki and for the most part Konoha, were pretty well fleshed out and interesting. Konoha reached this too late, and the anime never really goes into much detail about her 'berserk' cursed form, as you only get a short few seconds of ever seeing it. Haruaki simply didn't appeal to me. He was boring, had nothing going for him other than just being nice, and had the personality of a wet flannel. It's a shame considering how important he is to the story, and how quickly characters like Fear and Kuroe were established. I wonder if it's just me, or perhaps the novels write him better, but it really didn't work out. Kirika was one of the better characters, as she has an interesting and well explained history, as well as being likeable in the present. As I said before, Kuroe was a nice but late addition, if only for her snide comments. 

The art style is probably the biggest talking point for C3, and it's certainly a good one. Even the most basic scenes look better than you would expect, as they tend to be a little creative with colours and patterns. At times, the art will become very reminiscent of Puella Magi Madoka Magica, with all sorts of SHAFT-like oddities surfacing. It really is stunning, and it doesn't shy away from adding a unique spin to many of the scenes. One in particular is when Kirika is breaking her own bones with Ginstrnag's Love, which is depicted via use of silhouettes and stain glass effects. Still, I feel that C3 can sometimes get a little too carried away with it, but there are certainly more pros than cons in the art department. 

The audio is also pretty solid, with a catchy opening song and suitable insert music. The ending song didn't really impress, but it's not terrible by any stretch of the imagination. The decision to swap openings late into the show is still baffling, but at the end of the day it didn't harm the show either. The insert music for the comic scenes is pretty good too, so it's a shame the comedy is as lacklustre as it is. 

C3 is truly the definition of a love it or hate it show, and I believe the negatives are in equal number to the positives. It was never in risk of me giving up on it, but it certainly didn't seem to be helping itself out. I believe that if it had just focused on building up characters like Haruaki and Konoha early on, and either did the school scenes well or scrapped them, it would have been a show to remember. 

The battles, and for the most part the art, are the saving graces of the show and are unique and intriguing enough to justify trying it out. However, if you're looking specifically for a new comedy or slice-of-life, you would do better looking elsewhere. I'd probably pick up a second season if that happens (which the last episode certainly seemed to be setting up), but I can't say I'll be waiting with bated breath. 

So long, C3!

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