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Stop wearing those scary panties

ImoCho has consistently been a source of great confusion and frustration over the short time it's been airing. It started out as a hilariously trashy series I felt a little sheepish about enjoying, then it evolved into something different entirely. In the end, the entire season evolved into something completely unrecognizable. Mitsuki stopped urinating all over herself, but the chastity belt remained locked in place. Was that some kind of metaphorical sign I should have caught early on? That the show would purify itself somehow into something completely different? No, it's never been that intelligent.

You may have noticed my continued frustration with the lack of real plot exposed with each episode over the past few weeks, especially when it comes to explaining Hiyori's back story and what the deal was with the bookish Yuki Nagato ripoff character Neko, who's got her nose buried in a book all the time. The final episode played out like some kind of sick joke, with Neko coming out of nowhere, throwing some "hypnosis" on Yuuya, and making him especially truthful with everyone around him. That means he calls Mitsuki cute, grabs Yukina's breasts, and calls out every single little thing others do that he notices, doesn't like, or finds attractive, apparently. Despite all this and all the awkward moments that arise from it, he still doesn't do anything but tell Mitsuki to stop wearing her "scary panties." Somehow, this is enough to get Mitsuki's heart gauge filled all the way, and for a brief moment it seemed as though the series would end without giving us any real revelations.

It was all a clever ruse for a second season, however, when Hiyori didn't ascend to Heaven proper and came right back to Earth, much to everyone's chagrin. I suppose from a narrative point this was a good thing since plenty of seeds were planted but never given any additional attention once revealed. Has Neko been writing some sort of bizarre story using Mitsuki and Yuuya as magical pawns this whole time? What's going on with Hiyori, anyway? Is Mitsuki really going to fall in love with her stepbrother and everyone is just going to be okay with that?

Furthermore, why is Yuuya so blissfully ignorant of the obvious romantic attraction from all the women he comes into contact with? How many floors are there until Hiyori can get to heaven? And if Yukina can see Hiyori as well as Yuuya, who else can see her? Is there any real point in her character being a ghost if every random person on the street can see her but decides to act nonchalantly and ignore her? If I saw a floating girl in an old lady's nightie with wings on her back just hovering over someone I'd be pretty freaked out. Apparently this is a normal occurrence for people in the world of ImoCho.

Maybe my real problem is the show's refusal to commit to what it wanted to be. It tried so hard in the beginning to shock and offend, but by the end of what will inevitably be the first season among many, it had grown into another confusing yet run-of-the-mill little sister story that seemed to have run out of steam. All I have are questions with few answers, and I still really hate Mitsuki. I'm not sure if I'll end up having disliked this show or Pupa more out of the Winter 2014 season, but it's going to be a pretty close match-up. Remind me to stay away from these "quirky" series in the future. 

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