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I’m going to share a success story here for all of you, and hopefully you can have the same experience as me. Macademi Wasshoi was recommended to me by the human cyborg otaku, Cyber34 on one particular day in the dead of winter. The only thing he told me was that “God Len would appreciate him”, and by him Cyber was speaking about was a moe-loving character from this anime. I did appreciate him, who doesn’t love the hot-blooded voice work of Gai’s and Viral’s seiyuu Hiyama Nobuyuki. However, it wasn’t just him that got me hooked onto this series, it was so much more.

This is the basic concept of Macademi Wasshoi, to take all those inside jokes otaku love, and throw them all into one series. Yes, this does sound familiar. Lucky Star did it, so did Hayate and Genshiken; this happens to be more of the same, yet different. Macademi Wasshoi is a little bit more tongue-and-cheek in regards to its peers; though it is similar to Hayate, but without all the anime censor beeps. If this is making you all hot and bothered, then check out the rest of my first impression after the jump.


The story of Macademi Wasshoi is something of a mixture between Harry Potter, Nanoha, and Negima!, with magic being the number-one super star of this show. Takuto, a young mage during a summoning test accidentally summons a sexy girl instead of the usual Ifrit or Shiva. She’s the type of girl that is a hundred percent loyal to her master, and has no problems getting naked and making him feel uncomfortable. There are also a lot of other female main characters, making this anime part harlem as well, but it is never a main focus.

Macademi Wasshoi
parodies a lot of anime, though doesn’t out right proclaim it; just little tidbits here and there like a random DBZ scouter, or a random Gendo. Though anime is not the only victim of this show's loud taunt; but since magic is the main theme here, RPGs as well get their fare share of the parody sauce. Really, there is nothing better than having Hiyama Nobuyuki lecture a class about the fine points of furry moe, using his robot “Mimigar-Z”.

The backgrounds and locals look great, though the characters heads are a tad too big for this God’s tastes; but it really doesn’t matter because the art style grows on you. Unlike other anime, the animation quality increases after the first episode, and constantly gets better throughout the six episodes that have been subtitled so far.

I tend to enjoy those series that are heavy laden with anime and otaku jokes, and this is definitely one of those series. Some people don’t like these types of series because they have to be pretty invested in otaku culture to get the full impact, so this might not be the right series for those of you who are new to this thing called anime. Otherwise jump right in!

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