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I'm not normally interested in picking up ecchi shows. Not that I have anything against them, but it's hard for me to find a good one. The only show that springs to mind even now is Chobits, which I do adore, but you may even be able to chalk that one up to Clamp. So why would I even consider watching this show?

Well, I've noticed that in the last two seasons we've had both C and Blood-C, followed this season of course by. What could this mean? Absolutely nothing considering it's pure coincidence! I know that, but I'm stupid enough to use such a flimsy reason to go check out a new show. But was it worth it, or did it come back to bite me? W-well, you better come find out. It's not like I wrote this for you or anything...


So, what is C³ all about then? Well, with all my knowledge on this show coming from the first episode, I'm not completely sure. The lead male Haruaki, who incidentally has the personality of a wet flannel, receives a mysterious cube in the post from his father. While later admitting that he often receives weird things from him, he completely disregards the cube, goes to bed, and acts surprised when a young and naked girl emmerges from it late at night to go and steal rice crackers. 

I mean come on, it's Japan! This happens every day!

Anyway, those are the last of my complaints... for this episode! The girl in question, named Fear, claims that she was sent to him because she has the power to curse people. Luckily for us, Haruaki is invulnerable to curses! Anyway, he agrees to take her in and things start to return to normal. Another girl, namely Konoha, arrives in the morning with some breakfast, only to see a scantily clad Fear. After a squabble and the obligatory boob jokes, Flannel and Konoha head to school while Fear stays home to watch TV. The house is subsequently destroyed. 

Hmm, don't think I'm missing anything. Oh yeah, there was a spider! 

Sorry, I'm being harsh again! The episode was in fact just introducing Fear's character, and judging by the synopses that you can read across the Internet, things really haven't kicked off yet. The end of the show revealed that there is indeed a semblance of a plot arriving, and while I may be taking a very sarcastic stance to this show at the moment, I'm genuinely interested to see where this heads. 

Three round a pot and the little one said...

The opening was certainly one of the more impressive features of this show thus far. You can go watch that over here, but do try to watch it in 720p or above. See, there are two main reasons why I love this opening already. The first is that the animation is so fluid, it genuinely looks impressive. With a dance, it was obviously going to need it, but it exists, it works well and it looks amazing! The other is of course the music itself. Now, this kind of music has been done before, that much is obvious, but it's such a sweet track that matches the animation so well. It's an upbeat opening that I hope will compliment what I expect will be a dark show in the latter episodes. 

Speaking of the art though, it most certainly is up to scratch. No terribly drawn objects in the background as yet, and everything looks lush and striking. Take for example Fear's hair. At first glance you may not notice it, but she actually has a pearlescent sheen to it that is present for the entire of the episode, not just something that the opening plays on. It frankly looks great, as it seems to have simply hit the right level of subtlety. 

Demon spiders, confirmed

So finally, a conclusion of sorts. Would I recommend it yet? Well, it certainly isn't bad, but it hasn't quite impressed me yet. I'll be sticking with it for sure, as I'm genuinely hopeful that the plot will rear its ugly head in the next episode or so and sort this show out. It's a pretty competent comedy though, all things considered, so if you're looking for a giggle then it's probably worth 20 minutes of your time. 

[C³ is apparently due to start streaming on ANN, so look out for it!]

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