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It's magically delicious!

I'm no stranger to magical girl anime, but I've never watched a PreCure series. I've always been interested, but once I sat down and started watching, the daunting task of sitting through 50+ episodes of each series no longer appealed to me. I'm not sure why I decided to start with Happiness Charge PreCure!, especially given the fact that the series has reached its 10-year anniversary, and there's a lot about the franchise I just don't know. Still, considering the fact that at its heart it's about love, happiness, dreams, and all that typical girly stuff, I figured it would be pretty simple to jump into. 

I was wrong. Instead, I feel as though I've jumped into a series that's already in progress, with intricate plot threads intertwining into each other and a back story I feel I should have been reading up on. While I've made sense of it for the most part, I can't quite shake the feeling that having seen the previous series might help explaining some of the aspects I feel lost on. With that said, I've not actually done a "First Impressions" proper, so I'm doing a First Impressions mega-post, with plenty of PreCure goodness. I've prepared a novel here for you all, so I hope you're ready to wallow in happiness, love, and friendship. There's gonna be a whole lot of it floating around. 

Episode 1

Cure Princess is a bumbling idiot who can't do much of anything right. On top of that, she's a crybaby. She just wants to make friends, or at least conquer one Saiark (enemies overrunning the world) by herself. As the story begins, she's already fighting a losing battle. While she's actually the princess of the Blue Sky Kingdom, Shirayuki Hime, she's also apparently sort of a klutz -- at least we can surmise from the first episode. Another PreCure, Cure Fortune, has to swoop in and save the day, but only after throwing some shade at Cure Princess. Apparently this not-so-awesome PreCure has been falling behind when it comes to saving the world, so she needs help. A lovely bishounen-san known as "Blue" bestows the ability to spawn a new PreCure upon Hime (I surmise it's her brother or love interest, perhaps?) and she's off to find someone to be her new best friend. Okay, well, she's going to toss the item given to her by Blue, and whomever it hits is just going to be her brand new B.F.F. Seriously. 

That's where Megumi Aino (no, surprisingly I didn't say Minako) comes in. She means well, but her easygoing and fun-loving personality tend to get in the way of actually helping others. She's got the drive, however, and her smile's just as bright as her gorgeous pink hair. She's a huge PreCure fan, so when Hime meets up with her and "chooses" her to be her new friend and partner, she's ecstatic. When Cure Princess inevitably gets her butt kicked again by a Saiark, Megumi has to step in and transform at the end of the episode. Her moniker? Cure Lovely! 

Though the events themselves of this episode were easy enough to follow, the beginning of the episode used to briefly expose the villain Queen Mirage wasn't exactly simple to understand. Jumping right into a battle didn't exactly help, either -- I wondered who all these established PreCures were and why they were fighting, but now that I've gone back to write these recaps in retrospect it makes much more sense now. It felt at first as if I was watching an incomplete episode, but after establishing a theme it became easier to get into.

As an aside, Cure Princess has an insufferable voice actress, and I'm not so sure I want to listen to her every single week, but I'm a big fan of the theme song and the bright, eye-popping colors. I can't say the same about the lazy animation, but I suppose that's to be expected in a long-running series such as this one. All in all, I enjoyed the silliness and the decades-long transformation sequences, as well as the weird wrist device the PreCures use, especially when it involves rotating the dial like it's a rotary telephone. Not sure what's up with that, but I like it and I want to see more. I also want to see all the PreCures together and fighting something a lot more serious-looking than the Saiarks or the "gentlemanly" Namakeruda (whose name I had to find out from the Happiness Charge PreCure wiki.) Typical monster-of-the-day fare here, but I'm generally entertained. Maybe some more character or plot development awaits me with the next episode. 

Episode 2

Much to Cure Princess's surprise, Cure Lovely seems to be pretty good at this butt-kicking business, for a newbie -- that is, until Cure Princess can't keep it together and prompts her partner to get out of what could end up being a sticky situation. Much to the general's (and my) surprise, the two book it out of there. It looks like Cure Princess' inability to believe in herself is hindering her when it comes to duking it out with Saiarks, so she heads over to Blue (who she calls "God") for further guidance, accusing him of lying when he told her that friends would be instrumental in improving and winning fights. Blue is the protector of the Earth apparently, and he explains to Cure Lovely what's up with those sunglasses-clad Saiarks who are terrorizing the planet. Basically, they're a bunch of jerks who want to wreak havoc on the human race. Keep it up, guys.

That was all well and good, but I was excited to hear more about Queen Mirage and her dislike of all things lovey-dovey. We get to hear a little bit more about her as well as her kingdom. Turns out she's got a "guide" of her own like the PreCures do in Blue: Deep Mirror. When I look at Blue, I kind of wonder if he's genuinely a good guy with that creepy smile of his or if he's going to pull a Captain Aizen and actually be one of the enemies all this time. I think that's just reaching, since this show doesn't seem to be one that would use any kind of intricate plot devices, but a girl can dream, can't she?

Two episodes in and we've already hit a snag where the heroine decides she's too overwhelmed by the responsibility placed on her and has to run away in a hissy fit, prompting everyone else to run after her to try to console her. She's been pretty useless so far, so I wouldn't mind if this suddenly became the Cure Lovely show instead. When Cure Princess has gone far enough and has found a place to sulk, Yuu comes by and offers her a special "honey candy" (probably foreshadowing a new PreCure, because I recognize her from the credits). Cure Lovely's gotta find Cure Princess too, so Megumi takes some "PreCards" given to her by Ribbon (the little fairy I keep forgetting the name of) and changes into the "Detective Coord" outfit. So that's what those little cards do. Megumi walks around in a ridiculous-looking detective outfit that recalls visions of Shugo Chara. [Editor's Note: I am honestly so confused right now.] When she finds Hime, the two share a heart to heart and decide to get back on the battlefield.

With the Saiark felled and a renewed sense of growth as a team, the PreCures receive new PreCards and finally explain to us what those mean. They're a bunch of different outfits doled out in the form of trading cards, and when you fill up this special book, you receive one special wish. I wonder what that wish is going to end up being? And can I have special cards that allow me to dress up? I think I deserve them. 

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