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I'm not sure if Inu x Boku Secret Service is suppose to cater to girls or boys. The protagonist, a hime-cut-fronting, lolita-type that goes by Ririchou, is a project. By project I mean she has an issue about being all honest with her feelings. On paper and with a first look, there is absolutely nothing outstanding or even talking in depth about in Inu x Boku SS.

But there's just something different about this fairly generic adolescent story crossed with an ounce of supernatural stuff. It's the stuff that Kuroneko would be proud of. It's the single thing that saves the show in my opinion. Click on and find out!

It's a flying skull. A Radiskull, perhaps?

First thing first: Inu x Boku SS is an anime adaptation of the manga by the same, serialized in Gangan Joker, a shounen magazine. The anime seems to take that route, too, featuring a token fight scene as we are introduced to the cast.

Other elements, like a subdued fanservice scene as Ririchou gets dressed in the morning, seems to be a page taken straight out of something like Denpa Onna or Toradora, with that little-girl all-alone getting-dressed thing going. There's also a fair share of check-the-cliche-list with the cast, filled with open and welcoming Yukinokoji, shy and reserved Karuta, and someone for each trait in between. And, of course, you know the lead girl can be a major tsundere at time.

It is not a trap

What confuses me, maybe, is how earnest the narrative is being laid out from Ririchou's point of view. We get really close to her inner hurts and trauma. We see her get flustered when faced with genuine good will. More importantly, we witness and feel her shock with that well-framed kiss scene.

I mean, isn't it sort of the Snow-White-ish fantasy? When your personal servant, who wants you to treat him like a dog (I guess that was a pun), kisses your toenail as a pledge of loyalty? After eating a bullet for your sake? Not Sure If Want. Now, moving into a high-class mansion with your personal servant so you can enjoy some luxurious single living, that I can get behind. The secret society of half-demons and having super-powers? That's okay too. But all three?

Yep. Feet person.

The overall pace and the exposition that went on for the bulk of this episode is pretty solid. It's good to see David Production behind the scene again, although this might be one of their most conforming production yet. By conforming I mean so far most of their TV shows have a flair that sets them apart from the masses (eg., Ben-to, Level E, Armed Librarian), but Inu x Boku SS feels like a gentle knockoff of Black Butler or some such, so far.

If anything, the light dose of humor is what saves the day. The really straight-pan play of the show works well with an equally honest delivery in humor by exaggerating it to the extreme. I suppose Ririchou's bodyguard and the co-lead, Soushi, has one schtik and that is it.


Despite not having the right bearing on Inu x Boku SS, I think I'll tag along for a while yet. I think there's enough potential to tell some neat stories, even if this show is definitely much more serious than my average picks. With Crunchyroll simulcasting (now 1080 PEE) I guess there's no harm done in trying!

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