First Impressions: Kanojo ga Flag wo Oraretara


I need a flag for "bored to tears"

Last season, I was pretty into Noucome, a series that forced the protagonist to randomly choose from three actions to take during daily life. They ranged from bizarre to extreme, and caused the lead a whole bunch of undue stress. The "Absolute Choice" scenario was an interesting premise, simply because of its obvious ties to dating sims. I wanted to check out Kanojo ga Flag wo Oraretara for the same reason, but it's not funny, touching, or even entertaining.

If it says anything about the quality of this series, I fell asleep within the first ten minutes and had to go back and rewatch the episode to remember even a sliver of what happened. These are the types of series that make me weary of modern anime. 

For one thing, it doesn't even begin to make sense. Hatate Souta can see "flags" on top of people's heads. He can prevent deaths, sadness, and other negative things by behaving in a manner that reverses the flag when he sees them, just like in a game. When princess Nanami Knight Braidfield witnesses him save a man before getting hit by a bus that day, she knows something's up and has to get to the bottom of it. Cue an insta-harem with an angsty teen at the center of it all who has a Dark Past so You Shouldn't Get Close to Him.

While at the very least Noucome made no attempt to hide its connection to dating sim tropes, Kanojo ga Flag doesn't even acknowledge there is one. When the whole "flag" idea stems from dating sims and visual novels to begin with, you'd think there'd be a bit more explanation or even a nod to the concept, but instead it's as if the characters simply live in a world where these things are happenstance.

After finding out what Souta's power is, Nanami is simply okay with it, which seemed weird to me. Also, the episode really seemed to go off the rails after Nanami's first accosting of Souta. For whatever reason, Mahogasawa Akane, a ditsy classmate of theirs, seems to be so into Souta at random that it couldn't be any more contrived. What's more, Nanami doesn't have any "flags," which throws Souta off, so of course you already have to know there's something special about her. They'll end up together by the end of the show. Done. Wrapping it up now.

I didn't know these characters and I certainly wasn't given any real reason to care, and the fact that I'm really racking my brain to come up with anything useful or helpful to say regarding this first episode should be a warning to those of you who are going into the show looking for a memorable bit of entertainment. Awful animation, bizarre clothing (how do those school uniform jackets go with those skirts?) and boring, by-the-numbers conventions had me super turned off before the credits ever rolled.

I won't be returning to this show...unless I have a cold and the NyQuil just isn't working. 

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