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When I heard Gainax was going to be behind the anime adaption of the popular manga Medaka Box, I jumped the opportunity to check it out. Slowly as details came out, and I took a peak at the manga, my heart sank a bit. Definitely not the kind of show I generally enjoy. Obviously there i a crowd for this kind of thing, and I'm trying to broaden my entertainment horizons a bit, so I thought I'd look at it with an open mind.

How would the Weekly Shonen Jump story translate to anime? I was also interested to see what kind of influence Gainax's production might have with character development and story pacing. Could this this be the wacky show to turn my on to wacky comedies? The show has a ton of potential and possibilities. Let's see how they played out in episode 1.


The story is nice and simple. Student Council president Medaka Kurokami is out to solve her the school's problem. One suggestion box letter at a time. Unfortunately her childhood friend Zenkichi Hitoyoshi is roped along with her plans. to make matter even worse, he is deeply in love with her. A pair versus the whole school one problem at a time? A pretty promising set up. Hopefully it will lend itself to some story arch instead of a battle of the week scenario.

After a season of watching some pretty doom and gloomy shows, it's actually kind of refreshing to watch soothing pretty silly. The problem is… I kind of like doom and gloom.The show establishes pretty early on that super tusndere Medaka is all power, all smart and pretty badass. She's also extremely well endowed. She's kind of a cross between Haruhi Suzumiya and well, someone with big boobs and a lot more positive energy.


Zenkichi seems to be the real star of the show here. The situation is pretty much from his angle, and his desire to see Medaka's dreams come true. As expected the rest of the school tries to manipulate this whole set up, and Zenkichi is not with out his skills in ass kicking and smarts. 


The animation isn't bad for the show, but the production quality is pretty much what you' expect for this time of anime. I had high hopes after seeing the productions values of Gainax's previous outing, the Mystic Archives of Dantalian, but prepared myself as soon as he trailers started showing. It's competent, but I can't get past the character designs. They seem true to the manga, but are just not my cup of tea. Something I have a hard time getting past.

The action is fun and humorous, and I did have a genuine chuckle or two. I think people who enjoy harem anime or tsundere shonen may get a kick out of it. There are some cute endearing parts, but the show doesn't try to get deep. The show does seem to have an interesting group of side characters at its disposal, so the success may be hinging on they are developed or not.


I can't say I disliked Medaka Box, but I wouldn't go as far as recommending it... yet. News just hit that the show has been picked up by Crunchyroll, so I'll catch up with episode 2 when it airs there in 3 weeks. Until then, I'm going to hold my reservations until that episode airs. There is always a crazy amount of pressure on a first episode, and there could be some excited surprises waiting for me.

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