First Impressions: Mitsudomoe


Summary: Like Hanamaru Kindergarten, only minus the charm.

When I said that I wished Hanamaru Kindergarten would make good on the more mature plotlines hinted at in the first episode, the sort of antics in Mitsodomoe were so NOT what I had in mind. In theory, a show about three precocious sisters scheming to hook their elementary school teacher up with the school nurse could be very funny, but there's just something missing here- the sexual humor seems more crass and stupid than gleefully outrageous, which is what I assume it's trying to be. The kind of ugly character designs don't help matters much.

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The Sisters Three

The three sisters. I don't know about you guys, but the way they draw Futaba's feet seriously creeps me out. It looks like she has a tumor where her heel should be.

First of all, I don't want to give Hanamaru Kindergarten too much credit, because it's not like that show invented any of these tropes, but if you've watched HK recently (and it would have had to have been recently- the show only wrapped up in April), a lot of this is going to seem familiar. Hitoha (on the right in the above screenshot) is a ringer for Hii-chan, and lots of the characters in Mitsudomoe have HK doppelgangers- there's even the incredibly-busty-yet-clueless-coworker love interest.

Still, Mitsudomoe is hardly a clone of HK. The kids are several years older, and the raunch-factor has been turned up to, if not eleven, at least a solid eight. The main action of the first episode involves the three Marui sisters in the rookie teacher's class trying to do grievous injury to his crotch so that the busty school nurse will have to treat him, hopefully leading to blissful love-love time.

A big part of the humor in HK came from the fact that while Anzu and Hii-chan liked to talk about sex and relationships, they really didn't know what any of it meant yet; if anything, their attempt to focus on "adult" subjects made it clear how childlike they really were. In Mitsudomoe, the kids seem to know enough about how sex works that it's not actually funny.

This is a personal thing, but I find the character designs pretty darn ugly- the hamster excepted.

For what it's worth, the production values are solid, and at the very least, it isn't boring. However, the interest factor comes more from wondering just how fucked up things are going to get before the end of the episode than anything else; I'm not sure whether to call that "enjoyment", or just morbid curiosity.

One thing I did like was chikubi ("nipple"), the hamster.

Aww, suddenly I like this show a little more....

However, the hamster's name leads to a tiresome scene where the busty-but-clueless love interest overhears a conversation about the hamster, which she assumes must be about one of the students nipples, leading her to believe that the whole class is perverted. If this show would just stop trying so hard to be raunchy and just chill the fuck out for a few minutes, maybe it would grow on me. As it stands now though, it's just kind of tedious.

I'll give it another episode or two, mostly because I planned to recap it and I don't want to drop without giving it a fair chance. However, as of right now I'm not terribly optimistic.

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