First Impressions: Ore no Imouto Season 2


My opening episode can't be this boring?

I should make three things very clear before I get started on this First Impressions write-up:

  • I've seen the previous series and the OVAs
  • I quite enjoyed watching them
  • I am firmly Team Kuroneko

You could say that I had some high hopes for the second series, especially as it was due to carry on from the juicy events at the end of the OVAs. You could even say I was really looking forward to it. Why? Because it was absolutely true. OreImo is a guilty pleasure of mine. 

First episode down, I just hope it hasn't lost its way. 

For those of you mad enough to jump into the second season without watching any of the previous material, OreImo is all about the rocky relationship between a brother and sister, namely Kirino and Kyousuke Kousaka. However, there is something that is bringing them closer together, and it starts when Kyousuke discovers his little sister is an otaku. Yes, she has a closet full of anime figures and visual novels, and while this doesn't become a common interest between the two, he keeps it a secret and supports her hobby. 

If you enjoy extremely tsundere characters, then you'll love Kirino and her dreadful attitude towards her older brother. For us other folk that don't live as dangerously, there's the mysterious yet adorable Kuroneko. While season one was particularly light on substance, it became a guilty pleasure as a 'feel good' anime. Kirino is frequently horrid, but it kind of makes those rare moments when she gets on with her brother all the sweeter. The OVAs also added a nice helping of plot, and it was enough to keep many fans satisfied until season two finally aired. 

I hate to say it, but the first episode of this new season absolutely bored me to tears. In terms of content, Kirino was back to her ultra-bitchy ways from the start of the first season, only stopping to take advantage of her older brother for an Akihabara trip at the end of the episode. Sure, she's terrible at just coming out and saying she wants to spend time with him, treating him like trash in the process. I understand that she even tried to say thank you for helping her out by lending him a visual novel she hasn't even played yet. That's great. I still think she's a horrible character. Sorry.

On the flip side, I can see why people will be fine with Kirino and the way she is. Mysterious childhood friend (who is so important I still can't remember her name) didn't do much at all in this episode, and neither did the two modelling-friends of Kirino. Ayase at least has some rather entertaining yandere moments, but we'll have to wait for those in season two. Kuroneko did get a fair bit of screen time, but the one moment in the OVAs that I'm waiting to be addressed was cut short by a tactical interruption by the yaoi-loving president of the video game-making club they attend. 

I don't doubt there's some neat stuff in-store for us a little later down the line, but the first episode did little to whet my appetite. It was little more than a recap episode with new animation, so you could say it was mighty disappointing. Still, we know that this season will run longer than your average anime, so they obviously need those episodes for something...right? I do hope so. 

While we didn't have an opening in the first episode, we did see it in place of the ending theme instead. Yes, it was the ending theme that didn't air with episode one, with the ClariS tune being used for the opening slapped at the end of some rather maniacal Imouto laughter. It's not a particularly catchy tune, but ClariS prove once again that they are very suited to pumping out anime openings. While I don't think anyone will get to the point of singing along to the opening with them, it's definitely a song that'll end up in my music library.

To reiterate, the first episode of Ore no Imouto was incredibly disappointing. It's not like it was insultingly bad, or that it had any questionable content, but rather everything that was shown was extremely slow and dull. I'm going to chalk this down to the typical unnecessary recap episode and assume we'll be back in business for episode two. I really, really hope that this is the case.

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