First Impressions: Senran Kagura


The Naruto I've been waiting for.

There are times in life where you want to just turn off your brain and enjoy something. Having the burden of trying to figure out how the story will progress or keeping up with everyone’s names can be a choir at times. It’s this mentality that you really have to get your mind into before you start watching Senran Kagura.

Senran Kagura is not for someone looking for a deep story or character development or good acting or, well, you get where I’m going with this. This is your typical boobs fighting anime along the line of Ikkitousen or Sekirei, but doesn’t have as much of a story as those two did.

The surprising thing is that there is one word that can sum up the entire show so far. Tame.

Now when I say tame, I don’t mean it in a bad sense. It just that from what I knew of the 3DS game, this show had all the potential to be an over the top ecchi show. So after I got done watch the first two episodes intensely, I found everything much tamer then I imagined. This did not disappoint me at all, which was a shock, but had me kind of confused.

What I was looking for is a show that was going to be breast all over the place with clothes shattering into pieces just by the wind itself. Clever angles to just cover any nudity that might pop out were also lacking. There has been only one female that is a fondler and even that has only been with the main female of the cast. At least they are doing something phallic with the futomaki. The fact that they didn't want to go in that direction makes me think that they want this show to be a bit more serious than it needs to be. It’s an ecchi show. Leave it as an ecchi show.

The basic premise of the show revolves around five girls going through a shinobi training academy. (Main Girl) is the granddaughter of one of the most recognized shinobi ever. It is her task to keep the honor of that name going, but she is a total klutz and idiot. Shocking I know, but that is how they want it to play out so let all think this is an original idea for them, k? The rest of the girls fall in line with all other girl groups in anime as well. We don’t know much about the girls on the other side of the story just yet. Again, I am only two episodes in and we have barely seen most of them. The good news is that they seem to be bossed around by a younger flat chested girl. I’ll let that sink in for a bit.

It seems as though the fighting should be good in this series from what I have seen so far. Mostly it’s been training so far, but I’m pretty sure that the fights are just going to get more intense as the series progresses. Not like Bruce Lee quality but at least decent.

It’s been awhile since I have seen a good ecchi show that tries to fill my pants with joy. The problem is that I am not so much in love with this show overall. Sure, the breasts are the size that I like, but the character designs, animations, and jokes are just not there so far. I catch myself almost wanting to scream at the screen ‘Be better!’ or look for more perverted antics that never come. Hell, the pervert girl had a bunny suit with her to put on some one but just ended up wearing it herself and then we only got to see the back of that! If you’re going to tease your audience, then tease them the right way. This half-ass teasing is not working out for me.

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