First Impressions: Tamako Market


Less calories than regular moe

Come on in children. The water is a bit murky on the moe end of the anime pool. It’s a bit cold, not at all hot, and there may be warm spots here and there.

Tamako Market from Kyoto Animation is finally on the air to hopefully fill the moe hole in my heart that was left when K-ON! finished. I've been searching high and low for the right kind of moe series to get all mushy like mochi with.

Did I find what I was looking for or did Tamako Market leave me feeling like I should have left it back at the store?

This series seems so much up my alley it is amazing. It has the right character designs that I loved in K-ON, its moe/slice of life themed, and has a food element. It’s the perfect combination for me! The anticipation for this show was pretty high for me from the get go that I stopped reading anything more on it to not spoil my surprise when I finally had a chance to watch it. I get this way with most things in life actually no matter what it is, if I am excited for it, I don’t read any more into it. It’s kind of the opposite effect that most people have on things they like. But I digress, the show left me scratching my head more about why some things are in there, like that damn talking bird.

OK, the bird didn't upset me that much. It just seemed out of place being a part of the story, an unnecessary character in the show. It may have some real point later but for right now I am not getting all a flutter about him.

The show mainly revolves around Tamako, her friends, family, and the mochi store that they run. Nice and classic slice of life just the way I like it. Besides the bird, everything else seems like a show that I could watch all curled up with a blanket and a hot beverage, it just has that warming appeal to it. She goes to school, hangs out with friends, comes home to family bickering, rinse and repeat. All the elements are there, so why am I not falling in love with this show?

To put it in food terms, it all comes down to the filling. Tamako Market has a nice candy shell that looks good in the window with all the pretty colors and such. But once you get it home, and bite into it, you find out that it’s pretty hollow inside. There is not real substance to the story so far besides the unknown story about the bird and his mission. Nothing in the show made me really laugh or giggle stupidly as I like to do with moe shows. Most of what came up in the show was cute just for the sake of being cute. For instance, in the beginning, Tamako throws her baton into the air and it lands on her head. Who couldn't see that coming from a mile away? I pity you if you didn't, I really do.

Its gags like this that weight down the start of the show. If you puff up the show like this, not many will be back for seconds. This is going off of only one episode so far but it’s a show that I really want to like. I’ll be sticking to this show like mochi to a mallet, but the payoff better be more than just some hammered rice. I want some flavor in there!

And some hot green tea, please.

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