First Impressions: The Comic Artist and His Assistants


Those poor, poor assistants

I wanted to like this. Maybe it's just due to super-fond memories of Doujin Work, but I have a bias towards any anime that happens to be about making comic books. So even though I knew this was going to be a series about a pervy comic artist that was going to be all pervy jokes about boobs and panties, I was hoping there would be a little more to it; that the humor might somehow be universal enough that I could still enjoy it, even though I get nothing out of the fanservice. Well, the short answer is, there's nothing more to it; it's just fanservice and jokes that aren't very funny.

Get ready for humor times!

The biggest problem with this 13-minute show -- well, other than the fact that it's just not funny, obviously -- is that the titular manga artist, Aito Yuuki, is pretty darn unlikable. Now, I've seen the "honest, lovable pervert" character type done well before, and Aito is not that; he's just a jerk who sees women as opportunities for panty shots. Even Ryosuke from So I Can't Play H -- hardly a bastion of female empowerment -- was way more likable just because you could tell he had some modicum of respect for the women in his life even when he was lusting after them. I think Aito just sees the women around him as indistinguishable from the cookie-cutter girls he draws in his manga.

Maybe the show could be saved if the assistants themselves were interesting, but no luck there; main assistant gal Sahoto is a stoic blank slate, while his editor is a classic tiny tsundere. Both are far more likable than Aito, but keep in mind, that's a low bar to clear. According to the OP, there are two more girls set to be introduced, and I've no doubt they'll be stock female character types as well.

Oh yeah the fun never stops

The good: I do kind of like the slender character designs, who look pretty lithe without becoming CLAMP-style noodle people. And it is kind of cool to actually see the sketches for Aito's manga, even if the actual manga looks like it would be awful. But that's about it; I can't even say "Well, if you like to see groping, this is the show of the season for you!", since Sound Robot Damidaler is airing; there are better choices available in the burgeoning boob-groping genre.

Because of my aforementioned love of anime about comics, I will probably give this another episode or two in the hope that it gets better...but I'm not proud of that.

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