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Katsuragi Keima likes flat girls. No, not of the delicious flat variety. I'm talking about straight 2D, like on the screen of a PSP. The man likes him some galge and to those on the net he's known as the "God of Conquest" for his ability to nail any chick in any game. However, being a 2D pimp certainly has its limits. Sure, you know which path to go down to get the harem ending and you probably can tell which seiyuu have done which roles and...well...that's really it. In real life, people think that Keima is a hopeless geek to be trodden upon at any opportunity.

However, what happens when the "God of Conquest" is offered a challenge that seems impossible? Well, if you're as arrogant as Keima you immediately take them up on their challenge. Well, what do you when you're suddenly face to face with a demon named Elci who wants you to track down loose souls for her and if you don't go through with it you'll have your head lobbed off?

First things first you save your game. Then you follow me after the jump to learn more about The World God Only Knows.

As mentioned pre-jump, Keima is an ace at eroge, but a zero in reality, not that it bothers him much. After being forced to clean the roof of the school by a clumsy girl who wants to ditch, Keima checks his email on his "PFP," responding to people asking for help with various eroge. The cocky "God" gets an email baiting him with a girl that even he would have trouble with. He immediately accepts and is nearly struck by purple lightning, which precedes the arrival of a very cute demon named Elci. She lets him know that if he fails to meet the demands of the local "loose soul demon office" that he'll have his head promptly removed. With that kind of motivation, Keima listens to what he has to do. In order to capture the loose souls, he'll have to make his way into the hearts of the women they in habit and get a kiss from them. Keima...is not pleased to say the least. Elci drops that she'll get the axe if he fails as well, dooming them both to a gruesome end if he doesn't quickly upgrade from 2D to 3D.

The two go outside and sit on the steps, looking at the girl with the loose soul inside of her. Turns out it's the girl who crashed and ditched Keima earlier, a girl named Ayumi. Elci implores Keima to try his 2D technique on some real girls, but he refuses to do so with out the proper motivation. Elci uses some of her powers to change the track team's shorts into bloomers, which seems to terrify Keima into at least trying. The next day he tries to overly encourage Ayumi, but gets a kick to the face for his efforts. He repeats the same tactic for the next couple days to little change in attitude. Before shoving off he notices that Ayumi is being bullied by some of the upperclassmen.

The next day Keima continues his encouraging, but Ayumi is injured after she fails to clear a tampered hurdle. Keima sees an opportunity here and calls her out later that night. After a bit of abuse involving a fruit basket he tells her that she's faking the injury and to do well the next day at the meet. He nearly manages to get the loose soul out of her, but Ayumi has a tsun tsun turn. A couple seconds later she sees the gift that he included in the basket and relents, kissing him and drawing out the soul. The next day Ayumi wins the meet and loses her memory of the "conquest." The episode ends when Elci introduces herself to the class as the new transfer student. She tells also tells them she's Keima's sister, much to his chagrin.

Having learned my lesson with Seikimatsu, I've decided to keep my expectations low, despite my positive reaction to TWGOK. I find the premise amusing. I'm digging the cute character designs, with Elci being a particular favorite of mine. The writing is pretty funny, though the girls that Keima "conquers" are a bit too tsundere for my taste. Keima himself is pretty funny, with the various galge references and his ability to draw parallels from his games to the real world. I gotta say that I'm looking forward to watching this every week! Check it out over at Crunchyroll.

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