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Conquering the world one crazy anime at a time

There's just something evocative when a little girl in a revealing magical outfit make grand gestures about world conquest. For some people it's a hot fashion statement. For some, it's about a sense of shame, or the lack there of. And then there's me, who thinks late-night TV anime tries a bit too hard with their pilots, and would rather skip the first episode in favor of the second. Of course, you might have your own, unique opinion too.

World Conquest Zvezda Plot is the latest anime from Tensai Okamura, who is probably best known for creating series such as Darker than Black and Wolf's Rain. With that in mind, Svezda Plot is yet another original anime that Okamura has created along with Meteo Hoshizora, who is better known for writing visual novels and now is affiliated with Type-Moon. Now, this is where everyone should suspend their snap judgment, and give this crew at least a three-episode try, even if so far Zvezda Plot is nothing like what Okamura has produced so far.


World Conquest Zvezda Plot begins with a scene narrated by a voice-over -- presumably in the far future -- and we see the ruined landscape of Tokyo around a statue of a mysterious woman in weird garbs, holding her arms out in salute. The narrator, seen only in this scene, does a similar salute. In a flash we're back in present day (so it seems) Tokyo as a teenage kid, Asuta, who just ran away from home tries to buy something to eat. The city seems to run on a strict curfew, and every store shuts down when the clock strikes a certain hour. In this lonely city Asuta runs into Kate, who appears to be ten years old or so.


Kate, on her little bicycle, complete with training wheels, then begin talking about her grand dream of conquering the world. It seems no coincidence that her name matches the name dropped earlier on by the narrator about who conquered the world. In this context, however, it all feels like World Conquest Zvezda Plot is pulling a fast one on you as Kate's spiel is perfect chuunibyou-fodder.

The rest of the episode follows that sort of feeling. Asuta joins Kate's secret organization, and meets the rest of the weirdos that makes up the group. Everyone in the group except Asuta (and Yasu, who accidentally unleashes some earth-scorching attack furbies that drew attention from the SDF in the first episode) seems to have some kind of super power, and ridiculous outfit. Asuta's gas mask seems like everyday rave-ware in comparison.

Furbies weaponized

It's not unusual to see an anime hold stuff back, and totally flaunts that it knows what you don't in your face. World Conquest Zvezda Plot does this, except what is shown only make magical sense, not common sense. It's one thing to create tension that makes you want to find out more because the developments are shocking or intriguing, it's another to evoke this curiosity because you are into magical girls. Kate demonstrated her ability to summon a giant magical fist that flattened tanks. One girl was able to slice metal like hot butter. A robot girl is, well, a robot girl decked with weapons. There is also your typical mad scientist (think Professor Green from Star Driver) and a big man who looks like a Russian Cold-War surplus equipment in terms of his outfit and size. None of it makes sense other than "magical anime" sense.

I wonder if he drinks vodka

And maybe that's not a bad thing. For those who can stomach this unusual foray into the anime-magical, it's good to recognize that Zvezda Plot does everything else right, and by that I mean it's got a great opening and ending sequence, the character animation is fluid and joyous, the art direction and coloring are playful and vibrant, the designs are creative (if you can stomach the exposed skin anyway), and the whole thing is actually fun to watch. The catch is just that we probably shouldn't think too much about Zvezda Plot right now, given what little we have to go on. So, yes, let's give World Conquest Zvezda Plot another episode or two, because so far the strongest inkling of intrigue comes from the short opening scene of a devastated future; I get the feeling that we won't see that come to past until much later.

So much skinnnn

[Watch Kate conquer the world on Crunchyroll and Daisuki]

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