Gamagoori and Sensibility


A tale as old as time

Erioto set his gaze on the gigantic building towering before him, in awe of its splendor and majesty.

Honnouji Academy. From today onward, this would be his new high school. As an incoming first- year student who had just moved from Nagasaki, Japan, Erioto wanted to try his best to make a strong debut, leaving behind the past and moving forward into a shining, glimmering, beaming future. Maybe he would find true love, a great group of friends, and enroll in a sports club! With his hopes and dreams close to his heart, Erioto stepped forward through the school gates and into his new life.

Little did he know that the love bug often strikes at the most unexpected of times.

Enter Gamagoori Ira, the beautiful, kind, attractive, dark-skinned giant. Head of the disciplinary committee at Honnouji Academy, Gamagoori was well loved by the student populace for his fair and just commitment to the rules. Any time he walked through the halls, men and women alike would greet him with a smile.

It all started with a small act of kindness.

Mr. Mikisugi, busy with the class troublemaker Matoi Ryuko, had asked Erioto to bring a set of important documents to the faculty office. Pleased as punch to be of use, Erioto gladly accepted the task and happily scurried his way down the stairs, paying no mind to the banana peel lying in wait on the floor.

“Wait wha-?!”

One wrong step was all it took. Erioto was sent flying toward a set of giant spikes poorly placed at the bottom of the stairs. His life flashing before his eyes, all he could think about were the many things he had yet to experience.

I just wanted to be loved.

His eyes closed as he waited for the end, Erioto's body collided into something soft and warm. There was no pain, just... warmth?

“Huh?” Erioto opened his eyes to find himself in the gentle embrace of Gamagoori Ira.

“Are you all right? That could have been a nasty fall!” Gamagoori said quietly, brushing away Erioto's bangs to get a better look at his face.

“I... um... thank you, Gamagoori-sempai.” Erioto blushed furiously as he averted his gaze from the beautiful man in front of him.

“You're new around here right? If you ever want a tour of the campus, I'm your guy!” Gamagoori smiled brightly as he slowly released Erioto from his arms.

“Oh crap! I'm gonna be late for my meeting with Satsuki-sama. Sorry, I have to get going. See you around, Erioto-kun-chan!” Gamagoori waved as he disappeared down the stairs in a hurry.

Still flustered and unable to dissect what had just happened, Erioto's chest tightened up. What was this feeling? The doki doki sensation spreading throughout his body at an alarming rate, something curious ran through Erioto's mind.

Wait a minute... I never told sempai my name.

Erioto stared longingly out the window as a cool breeze ran through the hall, cherry blossoms scattering all over the place.

Love is a battlefield.

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