Game of Thrones meets feudal Japan


A match made in heaven

A Japanese Game of Thrones fan called Seiji has created a series of woodblock prints depicting scenes from Westeros as if they occurred in feudal Japan. There are eight images in all, and after making some waves where they were originally posted up at imgur, the artist made them available as prints for purchase.

So, good news for those of you who like Game of Thrones and appreciate this style of art! They're rather well-priced, and the print quality should be aces. For a look at four of the eight images you can check out my gallery below, but check out this link for the hi-res collection. Have a look and let us know what your favorite is in the comments below. For the record, mine's Mother of Dragons (header, cropped) at the time of writing.

[h/t: TheMarySue]

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