Gundam: Reconguista in G gets way more info


Tomino's latest Gundam show gets detailed

Sunrise dropped a ton of new info on the official Gundam: Reconguista in G website. In addition to a newly available trailer, we now have updated info on staff and cast, as well as several of the main 'bots you'll be seeing on-screen.

According to a story summary on the official RiG site, the show starts off with the Gundam-looking G-Self attacking an orbital elevator. Beruri Zenamu, a new recruit guarding the elevator, captures the G-Serufu and falls for the space-pirate girl piloting it. Even though the G-Self is only able to be piloted under specific conditions, Beruri is able to get it going on his own. The series dives into the why Beruri is able to pilot the G-Self and the reasons why the pirates are attacking the orbital elevator.

All in all, it seems like your prototypical robot show. Guy joins military force, meets a new robot, meets a new girl, stuff gets complicated. What I'm curious about is how this connects with the Universal Century time line, as Sunrise has stated that it's set in the age following the original series. Who know what secrets are being held about past events?

For more information about the cast and some of the initial mobile suits, hit the jump!

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First thing, the character designer of RiG is Kenichi Yoshida, who also designed characters for Eureka Seven and Overman King Gainer. I'm pretty fond of Yoshida's design, so that means I'll at least like how everybody looks. So now, onto the first five revealed characters!

This here is Beruri Zenamu, the main character that you've probably already seen in the first trailer. Beruri is being voiced by Mark Iishi in what looks like his first role. A Tomino Gundam show is a helluva start to a seiyuu career.

Raraiya Mandy is the gal that's in the G-Self when Beruri cracks it open. Voiced by Yukari Fukui (Nia Teppelin, Gurren Lagann & Nono, Diebuster), it comes as no surprise that she's an amnesiac. Since Fukui is voicing her, she'll probably be my favorite character.

This here is Aiida Reihanton, a lass who serves the space pirates. She can also control the G-Self, according to the RiG site. She's voiced by Yu Shimamura (Annie Leonhardt, Attack on Titan.) She also voiced Millais in Gundam AGE, but I won't hold that against her.

This is Noredo Nagu, a cheerleader at St. Flower Academy. She takes care of Mandy, as she's supposed to be a caring, nice gal. I'm expecting her to part of some sort of love-polygon at some point. Her voice belongs to Minao Kotobuki (Tsumugi, K-ON & Karina/Blue Rose, Tiger & Bunny.)

Finally, a pretty boy. This dude is Ruin Lee, a fellow trainee along with Beruri. He's got a girlfriend who hasn't been shown yet on the RiG site. Takuya Sato (Yuuki, Gundam BF) will be handling Ruin.

Before we get started with the robots, let's look at the mecha designers. We've got Akira Yasuda, responsible for the Knightmare designs in Code Geass and Overman King Gainer. There's also Kimitoshi Yamane, who has a long history with robots. Just to name a few, Yamane's been involved in the various Gundam Seed projects, 08th MS Team, MS IGLOO, G Gundam, Escaflowne, Cowboy Bebop, and more. That's one hell of a pedigree.

Alright, now let's move on to the mobile suits.

First up is the G-Self, likely the story suit. It isn't affiliated with any particular country and can only be piloted by Beruri, Mandy or Aiida. The description makes it sound like various backpacks can be attached to vary its usage in space or planetside.

This is the Katoshii. The RiG site description makes it sound like the grunt suit for the Capital Army. Probably a step up from your run-of-the-mill walking tank, if just for the impressive wingspan.

Rekuten is this suit's name and inspection is its game. It's used to maintain the orbital elevator, though its arm can be changed out for various purposes. Probably to maintain the link between Earth and the Heavens.

Finally, this is the Grimoire. It's the mass-production suit for the space pirates. It looks mean and cheap, a requisite for the antagonist suit.

Finally, the RiG site also revealed the first gunpla for the show. Of course, it's the G-Self and our main Gundam man Andres Cerrato talked about it over at Tomopop. Hop on over that way for more info.

And that's it for now. When we get more info, we'll let you know! So tell me, who else is excited for this show? The more I see of the designs, the more I need this in front of my eyes.

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