Halloween parties held on the Yamanote line 'to get back at Japanese people'


The "Halloween party" that takes place on the Yamanote line is not new news, but in case you've never heard about it, the quick backstory is that costumed foreigners and their Japanese friends gather in a car on the Yamanote line every Halloween night to hold a party and basically wreck havoc, making the travel experience nerve-wracking for many a Japanese local.
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This message recently popped up on the Gaijinpot forums, more or less signaling that it was that time of year again:

 Its time we got this started. Its a Saturday this time around so almost nothing to discuss, but nonetheless:

Date/Time: Sat. October 31, 2009 from 21-ish
Meetup Place: Shinjuku Station, Yamanote platform #15 (towards Ikebukuro)
Train to board: 21:06 soto-mawari (North-bound)

Gather towards the back of the train, by the stairs that come down from the South exit. Train car 9 sounds like a good one to board.

See you all there. And, of course, BYOB.

Much discussion ensued, including comments from one user who believes the event has become a way to "get back at Japanese people":

"I went on the Yamanote line party way back when and while it was a lot of fun, it did get out of control and stopped being a fun event and started being a “pick on unsuspecting Japanese” event. I remember seeing a poor lady trying to get off at her stop unable to get past the large drunken guys who weren`t letting her through. Seeing her face, it really stopped being a “Happy Halloween” for me."

Japanese police are more than prepared for the event, as are 2Chan users who have gone as far as to post threats to anyone who would participate in the event:

17 :名無しさん:2009/10/11(日) 17:54:14 ID:6RV62LbS
Gaijin haloweeners:
Now we ceclare we form assassination squad..to kill unscruplous costumed gaijins
who disdainfully ride on our crowded trains and do some absurdity 

Wow. Ugly stuff. WHat's your take on all of this?

[Via Japan Probe]

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