Impressions: Dragon Ball Super Blu-Ray Sets Parts 4 & 5


Back From The Future

It’s hard to believe that Dragon Ball Super ended almost over a year ago—time surely flies fast. It’s even crazier that the Universe 6 arc was almost three years ago as well, which also feels recent. Even though I recently watched these episodes due to their recent dub / Blu-ray releases, it’s all fresh in my mind.

The Universe 6 was a pretty good teaser of what was to come later throughout the series, and the Future Trunks arc was great with the return of a beloved character and the introduction of a concept that has been all over the fandom for years—the concept of an evil Goku, in other words, Goku Black.

Just like the other three parts, both Part 4 and Part 5 blu-ray set includes 13 episodes each. Part 4 covers the end of the Universe 6 arc, the anime-exclusive Copy-Vegeta arc, and the beginning of the "Future" Trunks arc. Part 5 continues on covering the Future Trunks arc up to the part where Zamasu and Goku Black merge to become Merged Zamasu.

I usually don’t watch the dub as it airs but instead I watch some clips that are uploaded through social media—such as “Hold your fire! This man is not Black” or the “It’s time to make the doughnuts” —usually the meme-worthy ones or controversial ones. I either watch them as they are released on VRV or their Blu-Ray release, as in this case. Not only is the dub as enjoyable as ever, thanks to hard work of many talented people but revisiting a lot of these episodes with slightly new dialogue, especially more fitting to a more western audience has been quite a joy.

I had to rewatch the “Hold your fire! This man is not Black” part a few times because it was funny and I couldn’t believe it was part of a dub—it brought a prominent in the US and other western countries—though further discussion of it does not belong on an anime review piece.

The Marathon Play feature still remains one of my favorites. It basically only shows the opening sequence of the first episode and the ending sequence of the last episode, meaning that once an episode ends, it jumps straight to be the beginning of the next, saving you the effort of skipping the opening and ending songs for the episodes in between. It made it much easier to revisit these episodes.

Every time I try to get someone to watch Dragon Ball Super, I tell them to skip the first 26 episodes and to watch the movies instead.  Dragon Ball Super does get a lot better, of course, so for the sake of completion, I would recommend getting the first two sets, especially if you’re interested in the extras like both the opening and ending songs creditless, trailers, and other behind the scene work.

I’m quite happy that I had the chance to rewatch these episodes—although it was a bite hard to stomach through the Copy Vegeta arc, seeing Brian Drummond back in action in the Dragon Ball franchise was fascinating. Minus the final sections of the arc, the Future Trunks arc is easily one of my favoritesI—Future Trunks returning and Goku Black with his fabulous move set and transformation is a joy to watch. ’m really excited to see what’s about to come out next—or at least I wish I could say that. There’s always the Tournament of Power arc! 

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