Impressions: Dragon Ball: That Time I Got Reincarnated as Yamcha


The Desert Bandit Finally Gets The Spotlight

When it comes to discussing joke characters within the Dragon Ball fandom, you’ll often hear Yamcha or Krillin, but mostly about Yamcha. Even since the early Dragon Ball days, the desert bandit was used as a measuring stick to show a glimpse of the villianspower. One of his most humiliating moments was when he was killed by a Sabaiman—a moment forever attached to his name as it has created many memes, figures, and even a recreation of the pose in the baseball episode in Dragon Ball Super.

So when “Dragon Ball: That Time I Got Reincarnated as Yamcha!” came out, it was exciting and refreshing to read. Seeing Yamcha in a new light, as THE main character (kind of) and the opposite of a joke character was great. However, there’s a twist to the story—a Dragon Ball fan, after an accident, reincarnated as Yamcha, as the title of the spin-off states. It’s not a unique concept, especially among other spin-offs within Shueshia, but it was still refreshing to read. 

The story begins with an average otaku—a huge Dragon Ball fan, who accidentally gets himself killed while falling down the stairs in an attempt to get near a girl. Immediately afterward, he finds himself reincarnated as Yamcha during the Emperor Pilaf Saga. Yamcha, or rather the Dragon Ball fan, realize that with his knowledge of events that are to come, such as his death by a Saibaman, he can change history, this leads to him going to train with Roshi immediately with Goku.

Fast-forward to the Saiyan saga, Yamcha has managed to become much stronger than he was in the original story and so defeats all the Saibamen by himself, even managing to survive multiple Saibamen grabbing onto him and their Self Destruction attack. It was revealed that prior to the Saiyan’s arrival, Yamcha went to Namek to get his potential unlocked by Grand Elder Guru, stating that knowing the story beforehand is truly advantageous.

After the Saiyan Saga, the story fast-forwards to the Cell Games saga, which reveals that Yamcha is not the only reincarnated person and that an avid Dragon Ball fan who used the online name "King" had been reincarnated as Chiaotzu. The person reincarnated as Chiaotzu as a top student in the real world and was upset because Chiaotzu didn’t fit his previous lifestyle wanted to use the Dragon Balls for his selfish reasons, which lead to a fight between him and Yamcha. By the end of the manga, it was revealed that this was all part of The Reincarnation Game, a game was created by Beerus and Champa as a competition, and the events in the Reincarnation Game's world itself go from the Emperor Pilaf Saga to the Cell Games Saga.

Overall, I found the manga enjoyable. It was nice seeing Yamcha not being a joke and actually a helpful character for once in the franchise. Although as a human he is no match for what is about to come, it was cool seeing him at least defeat Nappa as well and fight Vegeta toe to toe with the help of Goku. Overall. I would recommend this one to any avid Dragon Ball fan. 

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