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Being a hero can be a very tough job, since you’re forced to be on the look out for villainous activities at all times. On top of that, vacations are nonexistent, due to evil's inability to sleep. While these policies can be hard to follow, Gun Caliber’s titular character manages to get the job done without having to worry about the usual issues that plague many heroes.

As Bueno and Garage Hero continue to work hard on Gun Caliber, a bootleg version of the movie was officially streamed on YouTube during Easter Weekend (April 18th through the 20th) as a means to give their viewers a taste of what’s to come. Judging from the content shown in the video, the only thing that was missing was the film’s official soundtrack, which’ll be composed by Koichi Terasawa (Rider Chips) in the completed version.

While it seemed that Gun Caliber: Bootleg Edition was only going to be shown once, Bueno and Garage Hero have decide to feature an encore stream of the film’s bootleg version from August 15th through the 17th; thus giving more people the opportunity to catch a peak at the movie itself. As a person’s who’s been fascinated with the tokusatsu medium, it’s no surprise that I was excited to revisit Bueno’s creative story.

Since the film isn’t finished yet, this post will only be an Impressions piece. Once Gun Caliber's completed version is out, you can expect a full review with a score in the future. That being said, it’s time for us to take a look at Gun Caliber: Bootleg Edition.

In a world where many heroes have lost their way of justice, Gun Caliber focuses on Soma, a mild-mannered individual who works at a Smartball Parlor. Actually, the film’s main protagonist isn’t that mild-mannered at all, since he’s a perverted womanizer who loves to consume drugs and alcoholic beverages. Despite Soma’s dirty habits, the man is capable of transforming into the gunslinging warrior known as Gun Caliber, a hero that loves to shoot evil in the dick.

Even though Gun Caliber: Bootleg Edition presents itself as comedic movie with tons of vulgar jokes, the film surprisingly contains a story that manages to shed some light on Soma’s true character. At first sight, Soma felt like he was going to be a straight up jerk that only cares about pleasuring himself. However, once the film transitions into its real premise, the movie gives us a brief glimpse at Soma’s tragic past, which might explain why he became the washed up hero that he is today. While the guy’s past isn’t fully explored in the movie, one of the film’s charms is seeing Soma regain his will to fight a great evil when it seemed that all hope was lost. All in all, it's a nice little touch that makes Gun Caliber different from your usual hero flick, as we see a guy who's hated by the masses attempt to do something right for a change.

Of course, the film’s first act focused on the comedic elements. Each joke revolves around drugs, booze, boobs, sex, and heavy cursing. Throughout this entire moment, Gun Caliber: Bootleg Edition shows its viewers how corrupt the film’s heroes have become through various pranks, skits, and perverted segments without pulling any punches. Surprisingly, a majority of the movie’s humor has a Western feel to it, which allows for the film's humor to be accessible to many viewers while they're getting acquainted with Gun Caliber’s setting. That being said, the timing behind each joke'll ensure that the film's audience will crack up -- unless if you aren’t into raunchy jokes.

Combined with the movie’s main villains, Skulldier, and a series of funny yet over-the-top action sequences, Gun Caliber: Bootleg Edition brings an atmosphere that feels like a parody of the original Kamen Rider series with a sprinkle of campy elements that managed to contribute to some of the film’s great aspects. From Gun Caliber’s suit to the Skulldier’s monsters, the movie’s simplistic design choices makes it seem like it came from the 70s, which adds to the film’s campy elements.

While the film's running on a small budget, one could tell that Bueno and Garage Hero put a lot love into Gun Caliber's creation. Watching Soma in action is a blast, due to his tendency to fight with firearms, along with the fact that he uses a finisher where he kicks his opponents in the groin. On top of that, the rest of the movie's action sequences are well-choreographed to the point where each scene gives off a dynamic and/or comedic feel. Thanks to these elements and more, Gun Caliber's team has ensured that the fights'll pull you in from start to finish.

Overall, Gun Caliber: Bootleg Edition does a great job in delivering a hilarious tale that transitions nicely into a more personal story. Even though the film’s official soundtrack was absent during the stream, we’re treated to some established tunes like “Rocks” by JAM Project, which added a humorous feeling to the scenes that they were used in. I mean, it’s hard to take a fight seriously when you hear “SUPA ROBO” being shouted out constantly during a climatic showdown.

One thing for sure, Bueno and Garage Hero have an interesting movie series on their hands. Unfortunately, the movie ends on a cliff hanger, so we’ll have to wait for the next installment to see how Soma’s story’ll conclude. All in all, Gun Caliber’s team have laid down some great bits for the sequel, so it'll be neat to see where Bueno and Garage Hero’ll take the series next. Anyway, if you don’t mind being exposed to raunchy jokes, then you should give Gun Caliber: Bootleg Edition a shot. Who knows, you might start seeing Soma as a man who has the potential to become a great hero to older toku fans everywhere.

[Catch Gun Caliber: Bootleg Edition on YouTube (link NSFW) from August 15th through the 17th]

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